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Here we go with the tough stuff. Figuring out your guest list can be tricky. You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but you can't afford to invite every single acquaintance, long lost relative, or parent's friend.

I had imagined eloping for quite a while before becoming engaged. Once I actually was engaged, though, I realized that when it came down to it, I would be sad not to have our loved ones with us on one of the biggest days of our lives.  So, we sat down and made a list of people that we absolutely knew we wanted at our wedding -- people that are in our lives NOW and make appearances regularly. I have a large extended family and I knew right off the bat that there was no way that I could invite everyone.  As unhappy as it made my parents, there was no getting around the fact that if I invited every family member, we'd be well over 100 people just for my familyIt wasn't easy but we came up with a list of 55 people. Adding the option of dates brought us to a grand total of 75 people in attendance, including us. It's amazing how quickly your guest list can grow, so it's really important that you are sure to only invite the people that you would really miss not being at your wedding.

In my opinion, the biggest factor in determining your budget is the number of people on your guest list. Be open and honest about who is invited to your wedding.  If someone approaches you in excitement and assumes that they are invited and you know that they aren't, kindly let them know. That will help you avoid an even more awkward conversation later (uninviting is not fun) or having to invite extra people because you weren't honest in the first place. 

Tell me in the comments: What was your biggest hurdle when it came to creating your guest list? Any tips or tricks?

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