Boudoir sessions with Cassandra Eldridge Photography


Guys- Cassandra is a perfect light capturing wizard behind the camera. Her pictures are always so incredibly gorgeous, and portray her clients in the most beautiful way. I had the pleasure of working with her on two boudoir mega-all-day sessions and it was such a fun time! And I was lucky enough to meet some of the loveliest women and doll them up for the day. I love doing boudoir hair and makeup because it's just that soft, pretty look; amplifying how beautiful they already are. I think we called it the "oh I just rolled out of bed and looked this gorgeous *insert batting of eyelashes and flipping of the hair here*" look. Check out these hair and makeup close ups from the sessions and let me know what you think!! And then be sure to book your own session with Cassandra asap! : )

Megaaaa babes.

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