I'm back and I'm back


Well, I figure it's time to return to blogging. Taking forever and a day off is probably enough. I'll start by sharing some photos I got back from a gorgeous, gorgeous wedding and one of my favorite brides to date. Eileen was so sweet and so much fun to be around; and her friends and family were equally as wonderful! We did a trial a few months earlier and landed on a fun, textured updo for the big day. But as the big day approached Eileen came up with the idea of using clip-in extensions instead and doing a completely different look for her wedding. Now, for most of us we're like cool, extensions -great, big deal. But Eileen has never had hair longer than her shoulders and it was not only a completely different look from our first trial, but for Eileen in general. This is, of course, risky so Eileen booked a second trial about a week before the wedding and we gave the extensions a go. They worked out beautifully and here is the big reveal from her actual wedding day:

What do you guys think? I think she totally rocked it and just looked so gorgeous! And can we talk about that makeup? Um, so much yes. Joanna of Joanna B Artistry glammed up our bride in the best way possible. Take a peek at a few more photos from Eileen's big day!

I love fishtail braids on the blondes! So fun!!

Thanks so much for booking with me, Eileen! You were a dream to work with on top of being so much fun! Wishing you all the very best in the future!!

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