30 Days 30 Braids


So, I've started this thing on instagram -- I don't know if anyone will like it or care to follow along... but I'm doing it! Haha - since everyone and their mother seems to be braid crazy these days (including myself), I've decided to give myself a little challenge: 30 Days 30 Braids. I've got pretty short hair - just shoulder length - so this will indeed be a challenge. But ya know us short haired girls want braids too! Amiright?! Though, to mix it up I will probably add a few long styles along the way. That's what's great about braids, it adds a little something extra to any style and any length hair. So, hopefully you guys will want to follow along! I'll update here along the way. Here are my first 5 braided 'dos:






I swear I'm not trying to over edit these photos -- the flash and lighting just got reallll close to my face on number 5. Haha -- so what do you guys think? Something fun to follow along with? Let me know how you guys feel about the #30Days30Braids challenge and if you've got any other styles you'd like me to try.

INSTAGRAM: @debrapetrielli