30 Days 30 Braids


So, I've started this thing on instagram -- I don't know if anyone will like it or care to follow along... but I'm doing it! Haha - since everyone and their mother seems to be braid crazy these days (including myself), I've decided to give myself a little challenge: 30 Days 30 Braids. I've got pretty short hair - just shoulder length - so this will indeed be a challenge. But ya know us short haired girls want braids too! Amiright?! Though, to mix it up I will probably add a few long styles along the way. That's what's great about braids, it adds a little something extra to any style and any length hair. So, hopefully you guys will want to follow along! I'll update here along the way. Here are my first 5 braided 'dos:






I swear I'm not trying to over edit these photos -- the flash and lighting just got reallll close to my face on number 5. Haha -- so what do you guys think? Something fun to follow along with? Let me know how you guys feel about the #30Days30Braids challenge and if you've got any other styles you'd like me to try.

INSTAGRAM: @debrapetrielli

Christy Tyler Photography Styled Shoot


I completely forgot to share these gorgeous photos from none other than Christy Tyler Photography! She did her annual photography workshop, and asked me on again to do hair and makeup on the model. What do you guys think? Our model was just lovely to work with and I love how effortless and beautiful she looks. You should all look in to booking Christy for your wedding - she rocks!

Kaitlin K. wedding photos


I was lucky enough to take part in my friends Brian + Kaitlin's wedding day this past May...which just so happened to be in Florida. Destination wedding hairstylist, yes please. Ashlee Hamon Photography shot the gorrrgeous wedding photos from their big day; I mean, check these out.

How beautiful is Kaitlin?! Take a peek at some of her bridesmaids 'dos and be sure to leave Ashlee a little love!

Shayla O. wedding photos


I am in love with these photos from Shayla's April 5th wedding -- Ryan of Ryan Moore Photography killllled it. I mean, come on. How beautiful are these photos? And for those people who live in my hometown who are possibly reading this might be surprised to find out that these were taken in Elk Grove! Say what? Show Ryan some love and let me know what you think about Shayla's fun half-up braided style (oh and check out her bridesmaid's wavy 'do -- it was one of my favorites from the day!) Makeup by the always fab Dominica of Outer Beauty Airbrush.

Trial run with Sandy N.


Last Saturday my day was filled with back to back to back trial runs all around the city. My final stop was for my trial with Sandy, who I've been emailing back and forth with for a while now about her big day. Her friend tagged along and they chatted and caught up about this and that while I got to work putting together what I hoped was what she was looking for for her bridal 'do. 30 minutes later we had this:

Luckily it was exactly what Sandy was hoping for! She looked completely gorgeous and I can not wait to see her full look on the big day in September! What do you guys think?

Stay tuned for more coming later this year...

Abby H. wedding photos


I just got back some wedding photos from one of my other late December weddings, and lemme tell ya, Abby looked absolutely gorgeous! We ended up winging it the morning of because she decided she wanted something totally different from our trial run a few months earlier; and I think it turned out great! She wore her veil for a long portion of the day, so a majority of the photos include it. Ya know, I go back and forth on whether or not I'd want a veil on my wedding day, but my brides all look so beautiful with them on it sometimes can really complete the look. Duh, right? Haha - but veils aren't a definite thing anymore; lots of brides are forgoing that tradition (much to their moms' and grandmothers' dismay). Abby chose to rock one and she looked amazing. Check out the photos for yourself and you'll see what I mean!

Kiley S. wedding photos


Ok, I mean.. come on. Evan Hunt Photo captured some of the most ridiculously gorgeous photos of Kiley's big day. Just take a peek and you'll see what I mean. He is such a talented photographer and Kiley is an absolutely stunning bride; the perfect combination. For Kiley's wedding hair style we went with vintage glam waves, And with Shannon O'Brien's beautiful wedding day makeup I think Kiley looked like the epitome of the perfect bride. So much pretty going on in these ones folks. What do you all think?



My Easter was spent drinking mimosas with the family and trying out new makeup combos on my sister and my mom. We had a pretty laid back holiday with 2 of my 3 sisters in different states; Kentucky + California (which totally stinks). So, I decided to use the down time dolling up the two females in my family who were in the same state as me. Check out my mom - hubba, hubba! Am I right? She doesn't usually wear that much eye makeup for every day, but I was going for a special occasion look; I think she looks beautiful! And you wouldn't guess from this hot babe photo, but she's usually pretty awkward when I try to get her to take a photo..so success! Haha - special shout out to Dominica of Outer Beauty Airbrush - she was kind enough to give me a few pointers and tips. Thanks, girl!

LOFT Chalk it Up to Style Event


A little while ago I was asked to take part in an Ann Taylor LOFT + Lucky Magazine event taking part in their Michigan Ave store. The two held a best dressed teacher contest and set up an event and photo shoot and needed a hairstylist + makeup artist to help doll up the beautiful contest winners. So, I dragged Kate along with me to cover the hair bit and we did just that! It was such a good time and all the teachers were so sweet and so much fun to get ready for their modeling debuts. Special shout out to Lauren over at Lucky Magazine - she was so easy to work with and such a lovely person in general! : ) Check out these photos from the event and stay tuned for the photos from the shoot!