Debra Petrielli freelance hairstylist aaand makeup artist?


Oh, boy.. I knew this day had to come eventually. Everyone keeps telling me I should get in to makeup more and start offering services. I've been verrry slowly putting together a makeup kit, but now I've gotta jump right in! I've officially done both hair + makeup on three photo shoots and I'm lined up to do it on two more in the next few weeks! I'm hopefully going to tweak and perfect my skills by putting my makeup artist friends to work with private lessons so that I'll feel more confident about it. I just know that so many more opportunities will come my way if I add "makeup artist" to my skill set. Here's hoping! 

I am no makeup rock star by any means (so much to learn still!), but check out these photos from previous shoots I did hair + makeup on and let me know what you think!

Christy Tyler Photography

photos by Spark + Tumble 

Nessa Hendriksen Photography

Wish me luck!

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