Reese E. wedding photos (sneak peek)


So, I just got my hands on these photos yesterday from one of my July weddings - and how gorgeous are they? I love everything about the way they are shot; so pretty! My client Reese looks like a total babe and check out how her Rapunzel braid turned out! Not too shabby, right? In case you're wondering she's rocking a Violet Bells Bridal cap veil that can be found at (where else) Mignonette Bridal. So cute! 
I can't wait to see the rest of the photos captured by DeepEnd Imagery!

Looove Salvage One as a venue - it is soo awesome!

Dress: Etsy find
Veil: Violet Bells Bridal (found at Mignonette Bridal)
Hair: Debra Petrielli
Makeup: Nika Vaughan

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