Little, tiny, baby Josie is off to college!


My little sister is currently driving to University of Louisville with my parents to start her freshman year! I am so excited for her; I know she's going to have toooo much fun. But I sure am gonna miss her!
I made her a few gifts for her dorm/new big girl college life. This little guy:

And I made her a little playlist for certain occasions while she's away and might need it most.

"Josie here is a little something for: 

1. When you need to study: Expressions, Helen Jane Long 
2. When you ace your exams: Can't Hold Us, Macklemore + Ryan Lewis
3. When you are getting ready to go out: Fake ID, Big and Rich
4. When things are good: Good Life, OneRepublic
6. When you need a vacation: Island In The Sun, Weezer
7. When you need to go work out: The New Workout Plan, Kanye West
8. When you need to dance weird: Tarzan Boy, Baltimora
9. When you want to just hang out: Take A Back Road, Rodney Atkins
10. When something doesn't go the way you plan: You Can't Always Get What You Want, The Rolling Stones
11. When you get your heart broken: Next Girl, The Black Keys
13. When you miss Chicago: Chelsea Dagger, The Fratellis
14. When you miss your sisters: Pumped Up Kicks, Foster the People
15. When you miss Mom: Red, Red Wine, UB40
17. When you miss Kate: Girl Inform Me, The Shins
18. When you miss me: Drunk, Ed Sheeran
19. When I miss you: All My Loving, Jim Sturgess

20. And when you miss Beth: just turn all the effing music off she doesn't like music."

The last few are inside jokes/stories/family related, and some of them are songs that are specific to Josie's favorites; but you get the gist. I think she liked them..she cried every time I gave her something. Ok, we both cried.

Prouda you, girl! Have so much fun, make so many friends, and try to learn a little while you're at it.
Miss you already!

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