Trial run with Felicia E.


The funniest thing happened to me recently with a client; I was emailed by a lovely bride about her wedding that would be taking place on the south side of Chicago. She would need hair services for herself and for her mother, and wanted to know all the basic information that all brides ask me when they first send me an email. I emailed Felicia back with all the information that she might need. In the mean time I received a phone call from the sweetest woman telling me that she found me on Yelp, and that she and her daughter needed hair services for an upcoming June wedding. I called her back and chatted about all the details and answered any questions about things that she might need to relay to her daughter. Five minutes later Marsha is calling me back on a three-way phone call with her daughter, and surprise! It's Felicia who sent the email a week or so before. Haha- they didn't know that they were both contacting me about Felicia's big day. I thought it was pretty funny, and it made me pretty happy that they were so interested in my services. So, we had our double trial run on Sunday morning (since Mom also wanted to know how her hair would look with her dress). They were two of the sweetest people and I am so excited to be apart of the big day in June! Here is Felicia's totally romantic updo that I came up with. She has the most beautiful naturally curly hair. I went through her entire head touching up and recurling her locks, and used her natural wave to help shape the perfect bridal updo for her. What do you guys think? 

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