Florida, family, and sun poisoning


For spring break my family decided to take a trip down to Florida to visit my Uncle Vito. The old man retired there not long ago, and had been asking us when we were going to finally visit him. So, we packed oh, about eleven of us in the RV and drove down for almost a week long visit. I had a great time spending time with the family and hanging out with cousins that I hadn't seen in a long time. My family is very close so I still love taking vacations with them (we missed you, Beth!). We spent most of our time visiting beaches, sitting by a campfire, and warming our bones. I warmed my bones a little too much one day, what with the sun poisoning that took over the entire top half of my face, but that's neither here nor there. Here are a few shots from the trip-- mostly some pics from our day trip to Sanibel Island. Enjoy!

Our lovely host, Uncle Vito. Thanks a million, guy!

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