Florida, family, and sun poisoning


For spring break my family decided to take a trip down to Florida to visit my Uncle Vito. The old man retired there not long ago, and had been asking us when we were going to finally visit him. So, we packed oh, about eleven of us in the RV and drove down for almost a week long visit. I had a great time spending time with the family and hanging out with cousins that I hadn't seen in a long time. My family is very close so I still love taking vacations with them (we missed you, Beth!). We spent most of our time visiting beaches, sitting by a campfire, and warming our bones. I warmed my bones a little too much one day, what with the sun poisoning that took over the entire top half of my face, but that's neither here nor there. Here are a few shots from the trip-- mostly some pics from our day trip to Sanibel Island. Enjoy!

Our lovely host, Uncle Vito. Thanks a million, guy!

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Trial run with Felicia E.


The funniest thing happened to me recently with a client; I was emailed by a lovely bride about her wedding that would be taking place on the south side of Chicago. She would need hair services for herself and for her mother, and wanted to know all the basic information that all brides ask me when they first send me an email. I emailed Felicia back with all the information that she might need. In the mean time I received a phone call from the sweetest woman telling me that she found me on Yelp, and that she and her daughter needed hair services for an upcoming June wedding. I called her back and chatted about all the details and answered any questions about things that she might need to relay to her daughter. Five minutes later Marsha is calling me back on a three-way phone call with her daughter, and surprise! It's Felicia who sent the email a week or so before. Haha- they didn't know that they were both contacting me about Felicia's big day. I thought it was pretty funny, and it made me pretty happy that they were so interested in my services. So, we had our double trial run on Sunday morning (since Mom also wanted to know how her hair would look with her dress). They were two of the sweetest people and I am so excited to be apart of the big day in June! Here is Felicia's totally romantic updo that I came up with. She has the most beautiful naturally curly hair. I went through her entire head touching up and recurling her locks, and used her natural wave to help shape the perfect bridal updo for her. What do you guys think? 

Trial run with Lauren M.


I met the loveliest of brides recently through someone that I work for, and we had our trial run this past Friday. Lauren was such a doll and even supplied the two of us with mimosas-- um, awesome! She didn't have too specific of an idea as to what she wanted for her wedding hair; just that she wanted it off her face, romantic, and messy-put-together. So I came up with this!

What do you think? Super babe, right? I think Lauren can totalllly rock the faux hawk bride look (which we might even make a little more exaggerated), and I'm so excited to see it all put together on her big day! 

Special shout out to Becca for sending Lauren my way! Thank you!!

Styled shoot for the CTP Workshop


I had the best time Saturday getting the beautiful Erin ready to model for Christy Tyler's photography workshop styled shoot. Christy sent me a Pinterest board with her inspiration for the shoot, and then sort of let me have at it the morning of (in case you're wondering, she wanted a very J.Crew look for both the hair and makeup). She also entrusted me to be the sole makeup artist for the shoot-- a first for me. I was super nervous and Erin was such a trooper. Her hair took me a lousy 20 minutes to complete and then I spent another 40 panicking on her makeup application. I don't know why I was so nervous since I've done makeup on other people before, but this was going to be the first time the makeup was professionally photographed. Those cameras pick up everrrry little mistake and can wash out parts of the face as well. And since Christy takes the most gorgeous photographs I really didn't want to let her down. The makeup (shown below) was meant to be very clean with a bold lip. You can't appreciate it completely through this phone picture, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first time! Haha- and I really love how her hair turned out, as well (how about those real flowers for her hairpiece? gorgeous, right?)

So, how did I do?

I am so excited to see how the shoot turned out-- I've already seen a peek or two (which I'll be sharing with you shortly), and as usual Christy does not disappoint. And Erin and her boyfriend Evan were the most beautiful, precious couple I have ever seen. Seriously.