Trial Run with Kelly U.


Sometimes I partner with the fabulous Nika Vaughan for weddings-- she books weddings for me as part of her team. Here is a trial run from yesterday's booking with the very lovely Kelly. Kelly is the amaaazing talent behind the pretty well known floral shop in downtown Chicago, Fleur. The flowers and arrangements that come out of that shop are to die for-- you should definitely go check it out. Anyway, back to our trial-- Kelly wanted something natural, messy but put together, and pretty. Easy enough, right? So we came up with this:

That stray curl was pinned in place after this photo was taken, don't worry. What do you think? We're going to set it slightly more off to the side, but other than that this is basically it! I think it's perfect for her Indie campground wedding in June! 

I'm so looking forward to her wedding day-- 
and I'll be sure to share plenty of photos the day of, so be sure to check back!

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