maiden braids tutorial


For Indie Wed I decided to do my first photo hair tutorial as hand outs for guests and brides. I chose the ever so lovely maiden braids updo. I personally love to wear this look. It's a crazy easy option for freshly washed to second day hair. I've done this on both brides and flower girls- it looks great on everybody! 
Let me know what you think & if you're going to give this look a try!

maiden braids tutorial
Step 1: Start with manageable hair (straight or curled).
Step 2: Part hair down the middle and give yourself pig tail braids.
Step 3: Take one braid and bring it up and over your head. Pin in to place with a bobby pin.
Step 4: Repeat on other side. Tuck the ends of the braids underneath the opposite braid.
You’re done! It’s as easy as that; super quick + super cute!

(quick note: second day hair is when you go with out washing your hair for two days)

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