Haircuts: for round faces


People are always searching for the most flattering haircuts for themselves, so I thought I'd give some advice on the topic here. First up, hair cuts and facial shapes. 
For starters, the ideal face shape is oval. Those blessed with this face shape can basically pull off any cut they so please. Not fair, right? Well, for those of us who didn't hit this particular aspect of the genetic lottery, there are certain haircuts that are best for your face shape and will be the most flattering for you. This week's post will focus on haircuts for round faces. 

A round face can lack definition due to the ampleness of the cheeks, so you'll want to choose a cut that elongates the face (ie: gives you the optical illusion of the oval look). Short, blunt cuts or cuts with too much fullness at the sides only emphasizes that roundness of the cheeks. Instead, try a long layer cut, face framing layers, or choppy bangs. The best length for you is going to be shoulder length or longer. But if you're just dying for a shorter cut, opt for razored ends; so as to add angles where they don't naturally exist and break up the fullness of the cheeks.
Hopefully this brings some clarity for you and next time you're heading out for your haircut you'll some idea of what you should be getting done!

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