Retro Redo: Sophia Loren


I'm finally back with another "Retro Redo"-- and no one is more excited about it than me, probably. I love taking old photos and seeing what I can do styling-wise to recreate and slightly modernize the look. What do you guys think about this one? I have much longer hair than her and straight across bangs, so I had to do a lot of molding and faux bobbing on this one. Sophia Loren is a total bombshell so it's a little bit intimidating going side-by-side with her, but I did it for you guys! (haha) Who else's look you'd like to see me recreate? Comment below and I'll be sure to do it!
Next up: Katharine Hepburn..stay tuned!

Here is a better look at the faux bob action (sorry about the sour puss):
I think it's a lovely style option for a formal occasion-almost a little Gatsby-esque, don't you think?

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