Products I love: detangler


Recently I've gotten a few inquiries about detanglers, so I thought I'd share my top picks for getting through those nasty knots. I've listed below my top 5 ranging from a bit pricey to super cheap. My personal favorite has been Redken's Clear Moisture- it works like a charm and it smells super good. My sister, Kate, (also a hairstylist) recently recommended to me Redken's All Soft which is also a great choice; we're big Redken fans in our house. If you're looking for a cheap option Johnson and Johnson's "No More Tangles" is a classic and works just as well as you might remember at a crazy low price. Whichever you choose just remember to start combing out the knots working from the bottom of the hair shaft to the top. It's the most efficient way to comb out the tangles with out making a bigger mess along the way. 
I'd love to know which ones work the best for you, so remember to comment below!

Quote of the week


Indie Wed sneak peek pt 2

Well, we put the table display together today and it's looking pretty nice! I hope you guys love it when you stop by my table on February 2nd : ) There's still time to get your tickets, so go do it!

Hope to see you soon!

Megan S. wedding photos


I am so excited to share Megan's photos with you! They are so absolutely adorable and totally fitting for her and her wedding. I mean, come on--how cute are they? I love these shots of her hair that she sent me; what do you guys think? I remember the day of her wedding was so. effing. hot. So, I'm glad we went with the all up look. She wanted very, very minimal volume and an off to the side romantic look. She wasn't entirely sure what she was going for and was pretty open for the most part, so I came up with this. Megan normally wears her glasses all the time, and was originally planning to wear them on her wedding day, too-- but when she saw her hair and her dress at her fitting (if you remember we held her trial run just before one of her fittings at Mignonette) she decided she would completely show off her pretty face. I think she looked gorgeous and I am so happy to have been apart of her wedding. Megan was so sweet that she even sent one of her friends my way and I'll be doing her hair in June

Check out the rest of her photos below and let me know what you think of her wedding day updo!

How amazing did her custom Mignonette Bridal gown turn out? Is that red petticoat to die for or what? 
So cute!

Love! Thanks again, Megan!!

Nailed it.


For a while I was on the hunt for the perfect orange-red manicure. I knew between all the polishes in the land I'd be able to find something. So, when I was browsing the lovely Essie collection at the beauty supply store and spotted Clambake I knew that this was going to be the one! For all you beautiful people out there it's available for $8 online at their website (which I've linked to above). Any other colors/trends out there you guys are dying to try? Let me know and I'll dedicate a "nailed it" to it!



Hi friends! I'm giving away some hair goodies I love to one lucky follower! 
Just follow the steps below and enjoy some great products on the house. 
Good luck!

1. Follow my blog & comment below
2. "Like" Debra Petrielli on Facebook
3. Enjoy crazy amazing hair products!

**Ends Saturday, February 9th at midnight!**

Life lately according to my phone

1. Post "Retro Redo"
2. Being sick = so. much. green. tea.
3. My precious little girl friend, Arianna
4. Kate + Tommy relaxing
5. Good morning
6. Egg whites, avocado, and tomato; yum!
7. Basil is such a good cuddler
8. frozen blueberries-- my fave
9. Sophia Loren cat's intense

Skinny Super Bowl snacks part deux


Last year I posted some skinny Super Bowl snacks and they were a big hit. So, I decided to make it a yearly blog post to post healthy alternatives for next Sunday's game. I'm definitely going to try out the "fried" pickles and spicy buffalo cauliflower bites. What about you? Which ones will you be trying out for the big game?
Anyway, I hope you have a fun party with good beer, great friends, and an adorable Puppy Bowl IX.
(yeah, I'm probably going to endorse that every year, too)

And, of course, 
(This year I've included a link to multiple chicken wings recipes-- from Men's Health Magazine..the boys should be happy about that)

Products I love: surf spray


Everybody loves that effortless beach babe look, and one of the best ways to get it is to use a sea salt based spray during the styling process. By doing so, you're mimicking the effects of ocean water in your hair. In case you didn't know, you can use it on either dry or damp hair to aid in adding waves to your locks. I've seen lots of pins on Pinterest of DIY sea salt spray, and I have been tempted to try it. Maybe I'll give it a shot and review my results later...
Anyway, here are some great options for you to run out and buy-- Bumble and Bumble being the most popular choice (and my personal favorite). 

Who says you can't look like you just spent the day at the beach in the middle of winter?

Retro Redo: Sophia Loren


I'm finally back with another "Retro Redo"-- and no one is more excited about it than me, probably. I love taking old photos and seeing what I can do styling-wise to recreate and slightly modernize the look. What do you guys think about this one? I have much longer hair than her and straight across bangs, so I had to do a lot of molding and faux bobbing on this one. Sophia Loren is a total bombshell so it's a little bit intimidating going side-by-side with her, but I did it for you guys! (haha) Who else's look you'd like to see me recreate? Comment below and I'll be sure to do it!
Next up: Katharine Hepburn..stay tuned!

Here is a better look at the faux bob action (sorry about the sour puss):
I think it's a lovely style option for a formal occasion-almost a little Gatsby-esque, don't you think?



I've been including a lot more avocado in my diet lately-- not only because they are delicious, but because they provide you with the healthy fat that you should be eating. "Healthy fat" sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but avocados contain essential oils and B-complex vitamins that nourish your skin inside and out; helping give you supple skin--and bonus: soft, shiny hair. One of my favorite snacks these days is sliced tomatoes, avocado, and egg whites with a dash of salt and pepper. It's super yummy and helps tide you over until the next meal. Here are a few more meal ideas that include healthy, delicious avocado. Enjoy!

Sneak peek at Indie Wed decor


I'm putting my sister to work again for my Indie Wed booth-- here are her beautiful drawings that'll be hanging from my section. What do you guys think? Kate recreated some actual hair that I've done in the past. You can't totally appreciate all the details in the photos, but you should definitely come visit me at Indie Wed to check them out!

Happy Birthday, Dad!


Just giving a quick shout out to the world's best dad on his birthday--
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Daddio!

Side note:
I started a tradition a few years back of making ridiculous "Happy Birthday" signs for my family members and hanging them all around every where for their birthdays. This year the theme is "face in a hole" and I've got some pretttyyy good ones for the old man. Check them out:

My father the cowboy.

Prepping for Indie Wed


Today I've been pretty busy gathering ideas and preparing for Indie Wed. It's coming up in a few short weeks, so it's time for me to really hammer down and figure out what my table set up is going to be. I'm very excited for it all to come together and Kate has even put her drawing talents to good use for me. So let me tell you folks, I think it's going to be pretttyyy good! Now for the good part: I have a set of free tickets to giveaway: get your friends to follow my blog & like my official Facebook page and they could be all yours! You've only got about three weeks until the big day (Feb. 2nd), so be sure to get them to do it quickly!

Good luck!

Photos from last year's Indie Wed event.

*Make sure yours friends contact me with your name so I know who's sending who my way!

Products I love: hairspray


I am a huge fan of hair spray. I use it on myself basically every single day (when I'm not throwing my hair up in a messy bun/pony tail, of course). And as a hairstylist I obviously always need to have the best on hand. In fact, when I'm on location for weddings, what hair spray I'm using is always the first thing people scope out. From making curls last longer to taming fly-aways, hair spray is always an essential tool. Here are a few from various price ranges that are tried and true and highly recommended. 
Go grab one for your own hair routine!

2. Redken 23 $16.69

Quote of the week


Beauty on a Budget

We've got another Beauty on a Budget!
(this time with admittedly limited pictures)
Today we've got a bronze/copper eye and barely there gloss--
a perfect every day look!

Concealer: Covergirl/Olay, Simply Ageless
Blush: Maybelline, Dream Bouncy Blush; Plum Wine
Lips: L'Oreal, Colour Riche leGLOSS; Nude Illusion
Mascara: Benefit, they're Real!
Eyeliner: L'Oreal, Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner; noir
Eyeshadow: Maybelline Eye Studio Copper Chic Eyeshadow
Maybelline Eyeshadow quad in Time For Wine

This year...


So, I've got a lot of hopes and plans for 2013. So much happened last year; I know with some hard work this year can definitely top it. So, I think it's going to be a good one. One of my plans is to make my blog more interesting-- so I'm taking requests here, people: what would you like to see this year on the blog? Any new "series" of anything? Right now we've got:
1. Beauty on a Budget
2. Products I love
3. Nailed it
4. Quote of the week
5. Retro Redo
(some of these haven't been around that often, so let me know if you want to see more!)

Let me know what you want to see and I'll make it happen.
 Did you guys have any hopes/plans/resolutions for this upcoming year? 
Good luck with yours & stay tuned to see how mine pan out!

Beautiful Session with Leola


As promised, here are the gorgeous photos from the Beautiful Session with Christy Tyler Photography. How amazing are these pictures? Leola was the most lovely focal point, don't you think? This session's makeup was done by the wonderful Melissa Messer- she did a fabulous job doing that clean, pretty look - right? And Christy always does the most beautiful job with these sessions (you should see her weddings photos) and you should definitely book your session today!

Photos by Christy Tyler Photography
Hair Debra Petrielli
Makeup Melissa Messer

Chalkboard art


My über talented sister Kate is at it again; this time with a little rainy day setting on the chalkboard wall. We were thinking we'd come up with a series together. Pretty awesome, I think. Check out her blog for more & stay tuned for more chalkboard art!

Beautiful Session sneak peek


Christy Tyler Photography

Here is the gorrrgeous Leola from our Beautiful Session back in September. How amazing does she look? Does Christy get it right every time, or what? Stay tuned for more shots from the session!

Quote of the week


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a lovely New Year's Eve and quick recovery yesterday! A group of my friends and I started the evening at Ashley's house and then headed out to a local bar. It was a pretty good time (isn't hanging out with friends always?) and we rang in the New Year with some of our nearest and dearest. 2012 was a pretty good year with a lot of things having happened that I didn't expect. I'm grateful for all the opportunities that came my way and I look forward to what 2013 will bring! Here's to a happy & healthy year ahead & following through with all your resolutions!

Right now on repeat


Mine & my friends' jam right now:

"Thrift Shop"

Amy K. wedding photos

One of my favorite brides sent me some pictures from her day-after-Thanksgiving wedding! If you remember Amy's look was the swept to the side asymmetrical updo. We topped it off with a headband she picked up while wedding planning. Here are a few of the pictures she shared with me; she wasn't totally thrilled with them, but I think she looks totally gorgeous in them. What do you guys think? Super babe, right?