Wild Horse, Wild Ride


My dad had me sit down and watch the documentary Wild Horse, Wild Ride with him the other day (awesome find by my mom), and I highly recommend it. It's about a wild mustang adoption/competition that takes place every year, where 100 professional and amateur horse trainers have 90 days to tame completely wild horses. Like, never-been-touched-by-a-human-hand wild. The work that these people have to put in and the progress they can get out of these horses is unbelievable. The mustangs go from trying to charge their trainer to trusting them entirely. Of course not all of them can transform completely, but I'm telling you the progress they make is amazing. One horse even trusted their trainer so much that the trainer blindfolded the horse and rode him around crazy terrain. Let me reiterate-- these horses had never been even just touched by a human hand; and the horse ended up trusting his trainer enough to blindfold him. And the tricks they end up learning-- I'm telling you, it's insane! Anyway, look in to it it's definitely worth watching. But it also just makes me want horses again even moreee.

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