Trial run with Regina G.


How adorable is my client, Regina? I'll tell you; so adorable. I mean just look at her--how perfect does she look in that little veil? Regina and I got together for her trial run this past weekend and she was so lovely to work with. She had a Pinterest board of hairstyles for us to look at, but had it narrowed down to one or two with a few specifics that she knew she wanted:

1. she wanted that messy, pushed back look from the front & 2. she wanted braids incorporated somehow.

So, we threw together this look. Regina is rocking the double braid swept in to a low side ponytail. We are going to switch up the top braid to a smaller more detached one as per the bride's request, but other than that this is our look for her April wedding! What do you guys think? I think she looked adorable (duh, I've said it like three times) and I can't wait for her barn wedding coming up this spring! 

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