Costumes of Christmas Past


So, like I said we go all out and do costumes and the whole bit. I just thought I'd give you a closer look at some of my past Christmas outfits, for those who might be interested in a closer look (you should be interested in a closer look).

For a few of the years we've just gone to the thrift store and bought some really fancy outfits, like in this first picture--which was also our first year--not too bad, right? 
That enormous Minnie Mouse bow makes my whole outfit I think.

Then the next year I went as the Grinch- special shout out to Kate who helped me with my makeup, haha. More importantly, isn't my Max just the cutest? 

In this next picture you'll see that I went as Cindy Lou Who-- complete with the amazing hairdo from the Jim Carey version. I tried very hard to get nose putty to make that who face, but alas it was December and it was no where to be found in the Chicagoland area. Trust me, I checked everywhere.

This one is from last year and the Christmas present is covering the blue blanket, but hopefully you can tell I went as the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. (See it now?) I glued bits of our real Christmas tree to a shirt and hung one single, sad ornament on a branch. I thought it was pretty hilarious. 

This year is going to be another good one--mostly because of the hair. So, stay tuned for that one, folks!

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