Christmas Parties


My friends and I go all out for our annual Christmas party. The tradition started in 2006 (our first year of college) when we would get together for Christmas break and exchange gifts. Most years we've done Secret Santa, but last year and this year we've done/are doing it a little differently. Molly suggested that we do something where the first person chooses a gift out of the middle, then the following person can either do the same our steal the gift that another person chose. It was pretty fun last year and this year I'm sure it'll be good, too-- though I do prefer personalizing my Christmas and gag gifts to one specific person. Next year I think we'll go back to that. For those of you who also do Secret Santa and want an easy way to have the "who has who" part figured out, I recommend using (they do all the work for you). In past years we've focused more on the gag gift side of gift giving-- and let me tell you, we've had some good ones: a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush, a full size cut out of Brian Urlacher, a toilet bowl coffee mug, and the book "Everyone Poops." This year we decided to throw in a practical gift with our gag gifts to make it so we're not totally wasting our money. I think I did a pretty good job at balancing--though I can't tell you guys until the party on Dec. 28th, because I think my friends my read my blog (you guys better read my blog). Ready for the best part of our parties? The costumes. You heard right, folks-- we wear a wide variety of amazingly awesome Christmas/Holiday related get-ups. Here are a few group shots of us over the past six years:

Get excited for this year's outfits because I know they're going to be soo goood.

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