Happy Birthday, Molly!


Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my lovely friend, Molly! I hope your 25th year is the best evaaarrr! 
And since it's a double celebration day, here are a few photos from last NYE.
Wishing you the happiest year yet in 2013--
Happy New Year! 

Christmas Party 2012


As promised, here are the Christmas Party pictures from this year. I think it was one of our best years yet in terms of costumes, don't you? If you can't tell I went as the Ghost of Christmas Present (big fat ginger of a man) from A Christmas Carol. We played lots of games, got perfect gifts, and ate lots of good food. We finished the night off at a local bar or two and got plenty of weird looks (makin' memories, people). 
Another fun year with the best friends a girl could ask for.

 Special thanks to Molly for hosting a lovely evening with lots of fun surprises! 
Oh, and one to my sisters for driving us around after playing all those games : )

Thanks to Kate for helping me out with my wreath, to Beth for dying my robe the proper green, and to my mom for making the delicious spinach artichoke dip while I was busy pinning up my beard and mustache.

my "christmas break"


sister pic
I've had a few days off for Christmas and I've been spending my time doing lots of family stuff. Since my sister is still in town we're soaking up all the sister time we can get. By "sister time" I mean lots of shopping and lounging around the house together. I've still got a few things coming up before work starts full time again-- my friend Christmas party, a trial run, a fundraiser event for a friend, and New Year's Eve; and I'm looking forward to every last bit of it. That reminds me, I've got to run out for items to complete my Christmas party outfit...
I hope you're all having as much fun on your holiday break as I am!

1. drawing with Sebastian
2. fingers crossed!
3. the fam
(first, second & last photos via Kate)

please have snow and mistletoe


The annual cousins picture on Christmas Eve, and a little Judy Garland. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas Eve


Wishing you all a lovely holiday- we'll be super busy with my cousins taking pictures with our chalkboard wall. Super cute, right? Kate being all creative as usual..

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Oh, and if you want to have a laugh with your family-- check out this video we'll be dancing to all day:

Wild Horse, Wild Ride


My dad had me sit down and watch the documentary Wild Horse, Wild Ride with him the other day (awesome find by my mom), and I highly recommend it. It's about a wild mustang adoption/competition that takes place every year, where 100 professional and amateur horse trainers have 90 days to tame completely wild horses. Like, never-been-touched-by-a-human-hand wild. The work that these people have to put in and the progress they can get out of these horses is unbelievable. The mustangs go from trying to charge their trainer to trusting them entirely. Of course not all of them can transform completely, but I'm telling you the progress they make is amazing. One horse even trusted their trainer so much that the trainer blindfolded the horse and rode him around crazy terrain. Let me reiterate-- these horses had never been even just touched by a human hand; and the horse ended up trusting his trainer enough to blindfold him. And the tricks they end up learning-- I'm telling you, it's insane! Anyway, look in to it it's definitely worth watching. But it also just makes me want horses again even moreee.

And one more..

Ok, one more from the random stash-- here's a lovely updo for a wedding:
a few pin curls & a twists set off to the side!

Mother of the bride updo


Here's a quick peek at another random photo from my stash of a mother-of-the-bride french twist.
What do you guys think?

Noah babe


I got the distinct pleasure of babysitting Noah bear today and it was lovely. The kid was kicked out of daycare for the day, so Brittany asked if I could babysit for her. Kate watched him for a few hours so I could do a client's cut/color, and then I went over to hang out with the little dude. And man, is he precious.

open wiiiiide!

Classic updo

I found some photos going through my stash, so I thought I'd share them here!

Sometimes people want something a little more basic for their updo. For instance, this client wanted something totally pulled back (off her face), low, and classic. She said that she'd rather the focus was on her face than on her hair. Totally understandable--so we did a basic chignon. She still looked lovely & put together, but with understated hair that was more her.

Gang's all here


My sister Beth is in from California and it's sister time, all the time. And I like it. I like it a lot. 

Playing Sing Star with the sister club.

Things get weird.

Quote of the week

All I want for Christmas...


Is a pony! Seriously, that's not a joke. Apparently, you are never too old to ask your dad for a pony for Christmas. We've had horses for a large portion of my life and we've been without for at least 4 years now. It's the worst! Where do we keep our horses in the Chicagoland area? I'm glad you asked-- we don't. We kept our horses on my dad's friend's farm a few hours away. And due to all sorts of boring details I won't share, we haven't been able to have horses for far too long.
And, Dad...it's time.

Now get ready for a ton of pictures..and I'm not sorry about it!

And, of course, the fam:

Life lately according to my phone


1. Friendsgiving feast
2. playing at the park in December..whaaat?
3. cute babe on the swings
4. bomb Deathly Hallows necklace from Beth for my birthday
5. making fun of Josie's "selfies" 
6. Mom putting lights on the tree
7. Amanda taking a break from preparing the turkey & ham for Friendsgiving
8. G hogging the bed
9. Kate also making fun of Josie's "selfies"

Beauty on a Budget


This week's makeup is a dark, shimmery look. The inner corners start with a gorgeous gold shimmery eye shadow, and blend out to a shimmery deep mocha. All shimmer here, kids. To top off the look I added a small accent color to the outer corners of my eyes with a black kohl eyeliner. Instead of leaving the lines clean I smudged them out to add to that smokey look. As a general rule, when you've got an intense eye you want to balance out the look with a basic/light/nude lip. This makes the look just a little more wearable. So, I topped off this look with a pretty sheer beige gloss. 

Concealer: Covergirl/Olay, Simply Ageless
Blush: Wet n Wild, Mellow Wine
Lips: MILANI, Crystal Gloss; Secret
Mascara: L'Oreal, Voluminous Million Lashes
Eyeliner: Rimmel London, Exaggerate; noir
Eye shadow: Revlon, Diamond Lust; Grab Me Gold
                    NYX, Iced Mocha

Happy Birthday, Em!


Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people, Emily!
Happy 25th, babycakes! Hope it's the best year yet.

Also, check out her sweet mullet, circa 1990.
You're welcome!

As per special request, here is the entire class picture from this year.
I'm the one not looking at the camera. I was obviously super interested in something to my right.
I'm going to guess it's Emily's mullet. It's pretty impressive.

What I'm loving lately

sparkly things

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Quote of the week


Products I love: dry shampoo

I've decided to start a new series of product recommendations. Everyone is always asking hairdressers what they recommend, so why not share some of the love here. I'm going to start out with a item that is ever so popular, but people have A. no idea where to buy it or B. have no idea how to choose which one to use: dry shampoo. Dry shampoo has quickly become a staple in many women's hair repertoire. It is a great way to refresh your hair so you don't look like a hot mess in between washes. Another great use for it is to add volume to your hair or even aid in teasing your hair. Awesome, right? Right. So, here are a few brands I recommend from pro to drugstore brands. Check them out and then let me know which one you like best!

*Quick tip: DO NOT lay your dry shampoo on it's side. 
It will leak out and you'll be left with an empty can and a greasy head.

Trial run option 2


I thought I would still share the look that Regina decided not to go with, because it's still a good option for the all-down-swept-to-the-side look. Rather than gather the hair in to a side ponytail, our original look was to just have it swept to one side. I liked how that low braid flowed seamlessly in to the rest of the wavy locks to pull all the hair to one side. It's sort of a romantic hair option, don't you think?

Trial run with Regina G.


How adorable is my client, Regina? I'll tell you; so adorable. I mean just look at her--how perfect does she look in that little veil? Regina and I got together for her trial run this past weekend and she was so lovely to work with. She had a Pinterest board of hairstyles for us to look at, but had it narrowed down to one or two with a few specifics that she knew she wanted:

1. she wanted that messy, pushed back look from the front & 2. she wanted braids incorporated somehow.

So, we threw together this look. Regina is rocking the double braid swept in to a low side ponytail. We are going to switch up the top braid to a smaller more detached one as per the bride's request, but other than that this is our look for her April wedding! What do you guys think? I think she looked adorable (duh, I've said it like three times) and I can't wait for her barn wedding coming up this spring! 

Costumes of Christmas Past


So, like I said we go all out and do costumes and the whole bit. I just thought I'd give you a closer look at some of my past Christmas outfits, for those who might be interested in a closer look (you should be interested in a closer look).

For a few of the years we've just gone to the thrift store and bought some really fancy outfits, like in this first picture--which was also our first year--not too bad, right? 
That enormous Minnie Mouse bow makes my whole outfit I think.

Then the next year I went as the Grinch- special shout out to Kate who helped me with my makeup, haha. More importantly, isn't my Max just the cutest? 

In this next picture you'll see that I went as Cindy Lou Who-- complete with the amazing hairdo from the Jim Carey version. I tried very hard to get nose putty to make that who face, but alas it was December and it was no where to be found in the Chicagoland area. Trust me, I checked everywhere.

This one is from last year and the Christmas present is covering the blue blanket, but hopefully you can tell I went as the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. (See it now?) I glued bits of our real Christmas tree to a shirt and hung one single, sad ornament on a branch. I thought it was pretty hilarious. 

This year is going to be another good one--mostly because of the hair. So, stay tuned for that one, folks!