Amy K. wedding


The always lovely Amy got married yesterday and I couldn't be happier for her. She and I became fast friends and I even had her start coming to Kate to get her hair color done (Kate rocks so if you're interested in her hair services, just let me know!). Amy looked gorgeous and even though she was stressed out the week building up to her big day, I know it ended up being everything she dreamed it would be. 
It was a bit of an adventure figuring out what we wanted to do for Amy's hair; as it turned out that third time wasn't the charm (haha). After her trial run she emailed me and said her fiancé Trevor didn't love her updo. I knew this had to be stressing Amy out, so when she came over to get her hair done by Kate we talked it out. She told me new ideas she had gotten from her friends and and we decided on a new style. A few weeks later when she was back again for a last minute touch up we had an impromptu trial run and decided on something completely different than previously discussed. Don't worry though, this is what we ended up doing for the big day--we pinned half of her hair up and swept it to one side with loose, wavy curls. What do you guys think? Did we finally nail it? I think she looked incredible and I can't wait to see pictures--and for her next touch up with Kate so we can talk alllll about her big day!

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  1. I love it! I can't wait to see the professional pictures from the day!