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Nailed it.

You guys get a double "nailed it" this week, because I got my nails done for my birthday. I decided to do confetti nails for the celebration--what do you guys think? I had my nail guy spread smaller glitter polish down further than just a french manicure, and I think it makes the whole thing that much better. So fun!

OPI Rainbow Connection
OPI Sparkle-icious

Amy K. wedding


The always lovely Amy got married yesterday and I couldn't be happier for her. She and I became fast friends and I even had her start coming to Kate to get her hair color done (Kate rocks so if you're interested in her hair services, just let me know!). Amy looked gorgeous and even though she was stressed out the week building up to her big day, I know it ended up being everything she dreamed it would be. 
It was a bit of an adventure figuring out what we wanted to do for Amy's hair; as it turned out that third time wasn't the charm (haha). After her trial run she emailed me and said her fiancé Trevor didn't love her updo. I knew this had to be stressing Amy out, so when she came over to get her hair done by Kate we talked it out. She told me new ideas she had gotten from her friends and and we decided on a new style. A few weeks later when she was back again for a last minute touch up we had an impromptu trial run and decided on something completely different than previously discussed. Don't worry though, this is what we ended up doing for the big day--we pinned half of her hair up and swept it to one side with loose, wavy curls. What do you guys think? Did we finally nail it? I think she looked incredible and I can't wait to see pictures--and for her next touch up with Kate so we can talk alllll about her big day!



Well, I promised pictures but I never said anything about them being good. Here are a few horrible shots from the night. But the people in them are just lovely, so there's that. 
Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate--I looove you all.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


I just wanted to wish everyone a quick Happy Thanksgiving! 
Now, go eat your little hearts out --we'll all work it off tomorrow at the gym : )

I'm thankful for all these guys. I don't know what I'd do with out them!

birthday time


Well, folks it's my birthday today and I'm pretty lucky to have such good friends to celebrate with tonight--which I am verrrry excited for (stay tuned for many a pictures, I'm sure).
 I just wanted to quickly share the cute gifts that the amazing families I work for gave to me--
I'm tellin' ya, I work for some good people. I've got a crazy busy week coming up and hopefully some good posts. Be sure to check back!

Gift from the Troups:

The D'Andreas gift:
(including a mini birthday cake)

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Nailed it.

Last week's mani was a pretty nude & clear/opal sparkle glitter polish. I haven't ever really done a nude nail polish because I was afraid it would just look totally washed out-- but I really liked it! Now what to do today when I go get my nails done?...

OPI Samoan Sand
Essie Shine of the Times

Trial run with Katie J.


I met with my lovely new client Katie at Mignonette this past weekend for our trial run. She was sent to me by and is a friend of one of my fabulous brides from this past summer, Megan. Katie wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to do--she just knew that she didn't want it to be too perfectly put together. I ended up throwing in a bunch of rope braids and a messy bun of curls in the back. Katie loved it and I was happy we pretty easily came up with her hairstyle for her June wedding. I'm looking forward to it!

Don't mind the little bit of messiness-- we took her hair down completely when we were trying out styles.

Bootcamp pictures (kate edition)


I never shared Kate's pictures that she snapped through the day of the Bootcamp.
Here's a peek at us behind the scenes!

The lovely venue

top left hair by me; bottom left hair by Kate
Thank you to my anonymous photographer who only shot this picture of herself all day--haha

Braided updo


I wanted to share a few more photos of Kelly's maid of honor's updo. I thought it was a cute way to throw up your hair if you weren't interested in having anything in your face.

Kelly R. bridal party pt 2


As promised, here are Kate's bridal party members from Kelly's wedding day. 
Be sure to show Kate some love--because these girls all looked fabulous!

Kate's pretty cool-- check out her blog if you want to find out more about her!

Life lately according to my phone


1. Kate and her date to Britt's wedding
2. Group shot in Michigan...plus Canton
3. The precious little babe I watch
4. Doing weird things in Ann Arbor
5. Das boot
6. Sam doin' Sam
7. Pumpkin spice latte in between meetings
8. Halloween
9. Driving up to visit Sam

Kelly R. bridal party

Kelly had a fairly big (good lookin') bridal party, so I brought Kate along to help out with some of the hair. Most of the girls just wanted some pretty curls, so we gave them just that; though Kelly's maid of honor decided to branch out and do a fun little braid. I think they all looked beautiful- don't you?

My portion of the bridal party:

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post with Kate's portion of the bridal party!

Kelly R. wedding photos


Let me just start off by saying that Amanda of Type A Images is AMAZING. These photos are to die for--seriously. I saw a few teasers a little while back, so I knew they were going to be good--but I mean... come on. 
Haha, if you don't want cookie cutter wedding photos (who does?) then be sure to check out Amanda, because she is one talented lady.

Ok, now back to Kelly and how stunning she looked on her wedding day...
Kelly was so lovely to work with and the same could be said about her entire bridal party. If you recall she wanted something that was basic around her face, but still special for her wedding day. I think we got what she wanted and she looked gorgeous for her big day. What do you guys think?

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my second post on Kelly's gorgeous bridal party!

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Trial Run

Here is an updo I did a little while back on a potential client (bride). Girlfriend had a ton of medium length, thick, straight hair. What do you guys think? It's sort of romantic, right? 

Ann Arbor for the weekend


There's nothing like a good girls' weekend getaway to make you appreciate your friends. Amanda, Ashley, Molly, and I made the trip up to Michigan to visit Sam and we had so much fun. As we were making the 4 hour trip back (with a crazy bad hangover, I might add) and we were recalling funny moments from the weekend, I just couldn't help but think how lucky I am to have the friends that I do. They are all so fun, caring, and just plain amazing. I just love them all so damn much it hurts. Haha- seriously though..they rock. Thanks for being the best friends a girl could ask for, ladies!

Happy Birthday, Cody!

Just had to give a quick shout out to our other pooch, Cody, for his 12th birthday!
Man, that guy is precious. Love ya, bud!

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Wedding Planning Bootcamp bride


For my portion of the event last Sunday I had to select a bride to do a quick updo on-- after I was done giving my quick wedding hair advice. Here is the lovely bride I chose and her very quickly thrown together updo (I only had about 15 mins--yikes!). What do you guys think? Not too shabby I guess for such limited time-- and thanks to Kate for being my human table (she held all my hair tools so I could throw this bad boy together).

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Post Wedding Planning Bootcamp

Wendy Spencer of Perfect Day Wedding Planners pulled together a lovely day for that Wedding Planning Bootcamp I've been yapping about-- we even got a write up in the Daily Herald about the event! I just thought I'd share a few quick photos from the day taken by Happily Ever After Photography in case you missed it!