third time's a charm (trial run with Amy K.)


I had my trial run with Amy on Saturday and it was a lot of fun--we just chatted the afternoon away while trying out 3 different updo styles. Generally, my brides show me some ideas and we get it on the first shot. But let me tell you about Amy's trial...
 She originally showed me something like photo number 1, but then decided she wanted it a little more put together, lower on her head, and with a little more volume. So, I took the whole thing down and tried out style number two; which was similar to a different picture she showed me. She stood there staring in the mirror with that look of uncertainty and I was like, "Amy-- what's going on. Think out loud. I am not leaving here until you love it." And it turns out I was not exaggerating; the standard (usually plenty of time) 90 minute booking turned in to an a little over 2 hour visit. But guess what? We got it. As seen in photo number three we completely threw her previous ideas out the window. It came down to the fact that the other updos weren't quite Amy. I told her she probably just thought those hairstyles were pretty, and thought she wanted to try them out-- but once we put them on her head she immediately knew/said that they just weren't her. She totally understood what I was saying and agreed wholeheartedly. She showed me a totally different picture--that was finally a little more her style. So, we came up with winning updo number 3. Though a little messy from having undone her hair a few times, you can get the gist of it. It took a little longer than anticipated and scheduled (haha), but we figured it out and I think Amy is going to look gorgeous on her November 23rd wedding.

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