Happy (early) Halloween!


So last night I celebrated Halloween early with my friends and we went as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. We sort of threw it all together last minute--so not too bad right? Ashley went as Billy Bones (the ex-lover of Bette Midler in the movie), and Joey went as our very own Thackeray Binx (haha). My other friend you see thrown in there is John who went as a "cowboy who lost his hat" (he ended up buying a cowboy hat off of someone at the bar later that night). Unfortunately not a lot of people knew who we were until we told them. We probably should've put a little more effort in to the costumes, maybe? In any case, I think we did a pretty good job and I mean, come on..Amanda's hair rocks. Haha- I used a wire coat hanger and then wrapped and weaved her hair around it to mimic Mary's crazy hair from the movie. Not bad..not bad at all... I hope everyone had a nice weekend and got a chance to celebrate Halloween, too!
Here are a few more pictures from the night!

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