Last year's Halloween costume


I looove Halloween. I love the scary movies, the haunted houses, and the costume parties. My friends and I have started planning our group costume for Halloween this year. Since we hadn't talked about it I started coming up with ideas for myself, but when Ashley brought up doing something together I obviously had to say yes. It's always way more fun & funnier when you do a group costume with your best friends. I won't share what we're doing for this year just yet-- but here are the pictures from last year to tide you over.

We were obviously Angry Birds. Well, we thought it was pretty obvious--but when we entered a costume contest at a local bar the guy running the contest had no idea what we were. In fact he kept asking us why we looked so angry, and repeatedly called us the "Mad Birds." Jerk. We obviously didn't win. Haha

I came up with a face makeup idea/design so I painted up everybody's faces. We even had a little pig come along with us to really send the Angry Birds thing home  (thank you, Joey!) haha- he did not want to even dress up, but ended up being suuuch a trooper. Not a bad costume idea, right? I thought it was sort of hilarious for a pretty thrown together DIY costume--even if people did think we were just "mad birds."

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