2013 Chicago Indie Wed


I am so excited to share with everyone that I have been accepted as one of the 2013 Chicago Indie Wed vendors!! I have been anxiously awaiting that email for a whole month, and let me tell you it wasn't fun. I thought for sure I would be getting the standard "thank you but maybe next year" email, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got the "congratulations" email instead. And by "pleasantly surprised" I mean "I called up everyone in my family so I could have people be excited with me" (ok, enough with the quotations). But seriously, remember just last February when I went to Indie Wed and helped out by doing Mignonette Bridal's models' hair? (see here & here) The vendors and artists that were there literally blew me away. It's crazy to think that my company be among that many creative and talented people/vendors. And not to mention, fun & awesome. Janessa from Violet Bells and I walked around all day stopping at random vendor booths and having so much fun-- and neither of us were even planning a wedding. I am telling you that you'll want to be at this event.

Maybe next year Kate will have her own art related booth, but for now you'll be able to find her at the 2013 event helping out with the company booth. Check out this updo she threw together:

That's right, folks-- she's an amazing artist and an amazing hairstylist. And I'm the lucky person who gets to use all of her talents to better my company. Muah ha haaa. 

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