Happy Halloween from G!


In case you're wondering..he's a "miniature tiger who hates life"

Quote of the week

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween! 
I know I will--'cause I'll be at the movie theater seeing Frankenweenie with Molly.

Oh, and on my free time I like to do this.
Happy Halloween! Haha

Happy (early) Halloween!


So last night I celebrated Halloween early with my friends and we went as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. We sort of threw it all together last minute--so not too bad right? Ashley went as Billy Bones (the ex-lover of Bette Midler in the movie), and Joey went as our very own Thackeray Binx (haha). My other friend you see thrown in there is John who went as a "cowboy who lost his hat" (he ended up buying a cowboy hat off of someone at the bar later that night). Unfortunately not a lot of people knew who we were until we told them. We probably should've put a little more effort in to the costumes, maybe? In any case, I think we did a pretty good job and I mean, come on..Amanda's hair rocks. Haha- I used a wire coat hanger and then wrapped and weaved her hair around it to mimic Mary's crazy hair from the movie. Not bad..not bad at all... I hope everyone had a nice weekend and got a chance to celebrate Halloween, too!
Here are a few more pictures from the night!

New things going on for Petrielli Designs pt 2


Check out this fabulous little bracelet soon to be available in my Etsy shop-- what do you guys think?

My friend Molly, the author


As if Ashley wasn't impressive enough this week..queue Molly: 24 year old published author. Mol is another best friend of mine and was a contributing author on the book, "It's My Company Too!" Though it's not the genre she hopes to continue writing in (she's actually a very funny writer), it's an amazing accomplishment and start to what I'm sure will be a very successful career as an author. Here is a little blurb that she emailed about the book in case you are interested (which you should be) in finding out a little more:

"The organizations we studied for this book varied widely. I mean, if I had a dollar for every interesting person I shook hands with throughout this process… I’d have a lot of dollars. From a non-profit that trains and employs ex-convicts in bee-keeping; to a hospital that won the most coveted national business award; to one of the largest online retailers for shooting, reloading, gunsmithing and hunting, the eight most insightful, impressive and exceptional organizations received a thorough examination, archival research, an interview process, a site visit and ultimately earned a spot as a featured organization in this book, It’s My Company Too! How Entangled Organizations Move Beyond Engagement for Remarkable Results.

This extensive project is the result of four (including myself) co-authors (the other three of whom are much more “credible” as far as the book subject goes, by the way—one is a graduate professor of management at DePaul and an author; another a retired Air Force Colonel and now, a professor and consultant; and the third an entrepreneur who has started nearly thirty companies).

If you’re wondering how the heck a (then) 22 year old got involved in something like this (don’t worry, you’re not the first), I played the creative writer role, taking all of the academic and business principles evaluated by our co-authors and translating it into something that we all could read (professors, am I right? In English next time, please!).

To check out the book site, click It’s My Company Too! For those with Facebook, check out the book’s fanpage. And for those who would like a copy of the book (hardcover or eBook), you can visit Amazon or Barnes and Noble to buy one online, otherwise, there are select Barnes and Noble and Hudson book stores that will begin carrying It’s My Company Too! in November."

New things going on with Petrielli Designs

Now available for purchase in my Etsy shop: raw and natural stone wine stoppers. 
These little guys look so pretty adorning your wine and liquor bottles...and would make the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season, perhaps? Or maybe a great bridesmaid gift? 

Either way you should mosey on over to my shop and grab a few for yourself!

Quote of the week


My friend was on tv!

My super impressive friend Ashley strikes again-- she was on WGN the other day talking about the Veteran Clinic that she volunteers at. Check her out!

Pumpkin farm & Kate's pre-birthday celebration


Sunday we celebrated Kate's birthday early with a few friends. We headed to a pumpkin patch and then headed home to paint them up (everyone opted out of the traditional carving route). I think it was success! We'd never done it before but everyone's pumpkins turned out fabulously (except Kate--she totally gave up in between letting the paint dry...quitter). Anyway, it was a fun day and we finally got in some fall/Halloween activities. Check out our pumpkins below-- I chose a gigantic pumpkin and decided to paint the mayor of Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas. He turned out pretty good, right?

First two photos thanks to Kate!

1. My Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin
2. Group shot
3. Molly's eyeball
4. Kellie's Frankenstein
5. Katie's chevron pumpkin
6. Josie's Mike Wazowski
7. My mom's melted candle pumpkin

Happy Birthday, Kate!

I just wanted to wish a good one to one of the best sisters a girl could hope for- 
Happy Birthday, Kate! I hope it's the best one yet and your 27th year is just the best evarrr.
Love you!

Kelly R.'s wedding


You might remember Kelly from our trial run not so long ago-- well, she got married on Saturday and I was lucky enough to take part in her big day! Kate and I tackled 8 bridesmaids and I, of course, took care of Kelly. We switched up the style of her bun a little bit, as you can see, but I think I like it better than our original trial style. What do you guys think? I mostly can't get over how gorgeous her hair pins are-- love!

Congratulations, Kelly-- I hope your day was perfect!

More Halloween costumes


My sister Beth sort of rocks at Halloween costumes, too. I just wanted to quickly share two of her more recent costumes: Barbie from Barbie and the Rockers and..well, a cholo. She's a thrift store kind of girl, so she put all of this together just by shopping around a bit (we're pretty DIY around here).
 So awesome, right? 

Last year's Halloween costume


I looove Halloween. I love the scary movies, the haunted houses, and the costume parties. My friends and I have started planning our group costume for Halloween this year. Since we hadn't talked about it I started coming up with ideas for myself, but when Ashley brought up doing something together I obviously had to say yes. It's always way more fun & funnier when you do a group costume with your best friends. I won't share what we're doing for this year just yet-- but here are the pictures from last year to tide you over.

We were obviously Angry Birds. Well, we thought it was pretty obvious--but when we entered a costume contest at a local bar the guy running the contest had no idea what we were. In fact he kept asking us why we looked so angry, and repeatedly called us the "Mad Birds." Jerk. We obviously didn't win. Haha

I came up with a face makeup idea/design so I painted up everybody's faces. We even had a little pig come along with us to really send the Angry Birds thing home  (thank you, Joey!) haha- he did not want to even dress up, but ended up being suuuch a trooper. Not a bad costume idea, right? I thought it was sort of hilarious for a pretty thrown together DIY costume--even if people did think we were just "mad birds."

Nailed it.


Here's another edition of "nailed it" and yet another blue and gold combination (I don't know..I just can't help myself). This time the blue is a deep navy color and the gold is a light champagne color. Love it!

Essie: Midnight Cami
OPI: Glitzerland

Happy Birthday, Ashley!


I just wanted to wish a quick one to my darling angel, Ashley.
Happy Birthday, honeypie-- I hope you have a fabulous day!

Quote of the week


Regina Spektor

I bought some tickets for Kate's birthday for tonight's show at the Chicago Theater-- and we are so excited! We love us some Regina. If you don't know who she is you'll probably recognize this song. If you still don't then, you're welcome. Because you're gonna love it.

third time's a charm (trial run with Amy K.)


I had my trial run with Amy on Saturday and it was a lot of fun--we just chatted the afternoon away while trying out 3 different updo styles. Generally, my brides show me some ideas and we get it on the first shot. But let me tell you about Amy's trial...
 She originally showed me something like photo number 1, but then decided she wanted it a little more put together, lower on her head, and with a little more volume. So, I took the whole thing down and tried out style number two; which was similar to a different picture she showed me. She stood there staring in the mirror with that look of uncertainty and I was like, "Amy-- what's going on. Think out loud. I am not leaving here until you love it." And it turns out I was not exaggerating; the standard (usually plenty of time) 90 minute booking turned in to an a little over 2 hour visit. But guess what? We got it. As seen in photo number three we completely threw her previous ideas out the window. It came down to the fact that the other updos weren't quite Amy. I told her she probably just thought those hairstyles were pretty, and thought she wanted to try them out-- but once we put them on her head she immediately knew/said that they just weren't her. She totally understood what I was saying and agreed wholeheartedly. She showed me a totally different picture--that was finally a little more her style. So, we came up with winning updo number 3. Though a little messy from having undone her hair a few times, you can get the gist of it. It took a little longer than anticipated and scheduled (haha), but we figured it out and I think Amy is going to look gorgeous on her November 23rd wedding.

A quick makeup application


Kate's best friend Katie came over on Friday to get her hair and makeup done for a wedding she was attending. Kate curled her cute, short locks and I did a quick makeup application. We decided to do a simple neutral palette and I think she looks pretty adorable. Don't you?

hair by Kate (my associate hairstylist)
makeup by me

photo thanks to Kate

Braids for the bridal party


Here is the always lovely Joanne and her updo for the wedding on Friday. Basically everyone in the bridal party said that they wanted a braid incorporated in their updo/hairstyle. Joanne wanted her hair curled and half up-- so this is what we landed on. (similar to this?) What do you think? She has some beautiful, thick hair and I think it was a great style for her to rock in that bridal party.
Hope you had so much fun, Joanne!

Another flower girl hairstyle


Yesterday I had a bridal party booking of 3 bridesmaids and a flower girl. I took one of each and Kate took the remaining bridesmaids. Here is the adorable flower girl and the hairstyle that we settled on. When you see the lovely Joanne tomorrow, you'll see why she wanted something simliar to Auntie Jo Jo : )

Boudoir Sessions with Kayla Christensen Photography


Don't forget to book your session with me & Kayla Christensen Photography for our November sessions!
A few slots are still available for our weekend event, so snatch yours up ASAP!

Contact me at deb@debrapetrielli.com for more details.

Photo: Kayla Christensen Photography
Hair & Makeup: Debra Petrielli

life lately according to my phone

1. Ari listening to John read something clearly very interesting
2. delicious Cabernet Sauvignon
3. sometimes you miss
4. my new watch from Anthropologie
5. Giuseppe & Tommy playing nice for once
6. a little smoochy, smooch for Kate from Jake
7. ice cold Delirium Tremens
8. baby Kate showing off her mad plastic violin skills
9. my dad talking smack through the screen door

Bridal Brunch


Check out the details for the Bridal Brunch hosted by Mignonette Bridal and Supreme Novelty Fabrics: brunch and a bridal fashion show with top Chicago bridal designers!
And the best part-- all proceeds go towards breast cancer research.

Quote of the week


2013 Chicago Indie Wed

I am so excited to share with everyone that I have been accepted as one of the 2013 Chicago Indie Wed vendors!! I have been anxiously awaiting that email for a whole month, and let me tell you it wasn't fun. I thought for sure I would be getting the standard "thank you but maybe next year" email, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got the "congratulations" email instead. And by "pleasantly surprised" I mean "I called up everyone in my family so I could have people be excited with me" (ok, enough with the quotations). But seriously, remember just last February when I went to Indie Wed and helped out by doing Mignonette Bridal's models' hair? (see here & here) The vendors and artists that were there literally blew me away. It's crazy to think that my company be among that many creative and talented people/vendors. And not to mention, fun & awesome. Janessa from Violet Bells and I walked around all day stopping at random vendor booths and having so much fun-- and neither of us were even planning a wedding. I am telling you that you'll want to be at this event.

Maybe next year Kate will have her own art related booth, but for now you'll be able to find her at the 2013 event helping out with the company booth. Check out this updo she threw together:

That's right, folks-- she's an amazing artist and an amazing hairstylist. And I'm the lucky person who gets to use all of her talents to better my company. Muah ha haaa. 

This..right now.


Joshua Radin
Greenest Grass

Fashion show photos pt 2

Here is the second batch--enjoy!



Check this little guy out-- I mean, come on. That Giuseppe guy is just way too cute. 
(his portly little tummy gets me every time).
And yes, friends, that's mohawk.