Mimosas & massages


Two of my girlfriends and I decided a little while back that we would like to do a spa day. Since we had no idea where to start we went on Groupon in hopes of finding a location and a good deal. We ended up finding a $99 deal for three services at a spa called VALEO in downtown Chicago. The three of us booked the same three services: a 30 minute massage, a 30 minute facial, and a by-hand spray tan. We loved it! My masseuse was great and really worked out my muscles. He asked me if I had any problem areas and said he would focus on those for me. I needed that. As a hairstylist I'm always standing and using my shoulders and arms (plus being a busty lady doesn't help much either). So, I was in dire need for a good rub down. My facialist was a very lovely lady who actually listened to what I was telling her about my skin. This was also great because I didn't walk away with an overly greased up face. She answered any questions I had about balancing out my oily skin and tried to give me a little advice in terms of products in general, not just the brand they sold in their spa. She was also the one to do our spray tans--which was nice because after chatting with her during our facial I felt slightly more comfortable about stripping down in front of a complete stranger to get bronzed. All in all it was a nice morning of girl time and relaxation. My only problem now is I'm probably going to want to make this a regular thing...

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