Trial Run with Kelly R.


I met the very lovely Kelly on Friday in Wilmette for our trial run. She wanted something sort of sleek, with minimal curls--but for it to still look special and out of the ordinary for her big day. She showed me a variety of photos of gorgeous hairstyles that were just that; so I decided to sort of throw them all together and came up with this. She looked beautiful and those amazing hair pins made the look all that much better. We might tweak a few things, but other than that..this is it! What do you guys think?

Beautiful Session


Remember a while back when I said Christy Tyler Photography had booked us another Beautiful Session? Well, we finally had it yesterday! I was so excited for it and Christy did not disappoint. Check out these sneak peeks and then go ahead and book yourself a Beautiful Session.

Anniversary photo shoot sneak peeks


Remember that adorable couple who got anniversary photos taken by Shane Welch Photography (styled by Naturally Yours Events)? Well, I was able to get my hands on a few from the shoot and..dear lord they are cute. I mean, come on. It's just sort of ridiculous at this point. Check out these few sneaks and you'll see what I mean.

If you're interested in getting your hair styled for an upcoming engagement, family, or anniversary photo session feel free to contact me at

Leslie's Wedding Photos


I officially got my hands on Leslie's professional pictures from her August 4th wedding at the Logan Square Mansion. How gorgeous does she look? I mean, come on. She's a babe! Mosey on over to my website to check out the rest of Leslie's photos.

And some shots of me and my associate hairstylist/sister Kate primping the bridal party!

Photos by Skip Moore.

Meet the Experts


Don't forget to check out the Wedding Planning Bootcamp's "Meet the Experts" blog. Today's!

Quote of the week

One of my favorite quotes of all time.

flower girl hairstyle pt 2


A long time ago I shared an idea for a flower girl hairstyle; cute little maiden braids on top of her cute little head. So, I thought I would share this photo from Leslie's wedding of her adorable flower girl wearing just that! 

And here is a slightly different angle from when we were still getting ready:

What do think? Super adorable like I said, right?

An afternoon of bridal luxury with CS Brides Magazine


I was lucky enough to get a complimentary ticket from the lovely Suzanne Singer, the account executive over at the magazine, and attended the event this past weekend. I had Kate tag along with me and we headed downtown to the fabulous Oak St. and Michigan Ave to see what CS Brides Magazine's big annual event was all about. It was gorgeous. Basically, brides and their guests walk up and down Oak St. popping in and out of different stores, including: Kate Spade, Vera Wang, Juicy Couture (and the list goes on and on); munching on sweets from vendors along the way. And at every stop you got an item for your swag bag..uh, awesome. At the very end of the walk you got to top it all off with champagne and h'ourderves. Keep this event in mind for next year, because it was lovely-- and if I was engaged I would've been in bridal heaven.
Check out these pictures from the day that Kate was nice enough to take for me!

Wedding Planning Bootcamp: meet the experts


Wendy over at Perfect Day Wedding Planners (who is hosting the bootcamp event) has created a blog to introduce you all to the experts who will be attending. If you want to know more, check out the blog!

Quote of the week


(Not grammatically correct, but hey.)

In remembrance of Wes.

Megan's wedding


An awful shot, but you get the idea.

My lovely bride, Megan, got married yesterday in a beautiful forest preserve wedding. When I arrived at the hotel to do her hair she was still across the street helping to set up the venue. She had to haul it over to shower quickly so we could get started. Needless to say, it was a busy morning for her. Once we got started though she was able to relax a little bit and enjoy a glass of wine. The room was very calm as it was just me, Megan, and her mom doing hair together. By the end Megan seemed totally relaxed and excited for the day ahead. And she looked totally gorgeous and ready to put on that custom Mignonette Bridal gown (the one with the red tulle, remember? so precious!)

Congratulations, Megan! I hope you had just way too much fun on your big day!

Noah bear


Last night Kate and I got some quality time with our favorite little dude, Noah. Our friend Brittany invited us over for a girls' night, and we were able to hang out with the little guy before he was hauled off to bed. Love him. And you should see him palm his red ball like a champ. Can you say pro basketball player?

Happy Birthday, Mom!


I just wanted to wish my beautiful mom a quick Happy Birthday on the blog today.
She's the best one a girl could ask for, so it only seems right.

Love you, Mom! I hope it's the best one yet!!

Janae's wedding photos


Remember Janae's Chicago beach wedding? Well, her photographer Amanda Megan Miller was nice enough to send her photos from the day my way! And friends, she looked stunning. If you didn't look at Amanda's blog post before, then you are in for a treat. Check out these fabulous photos taken by Amanda on Janae's special day. Let me know what you think of her curly beach hair!

Check out the rest of Janae's wedding HERE.

Janae's beautiful bridal party and their updos done by me & Kate.

Gorgeous, right?

Website make over


Hi friends! 
I gave my website a little face lift..
check it out and let me know what you think of the new design!

Quote of the week


My friends and I are in love with HBO's Game of Thrones (if you don't watch it, you should--it's just pretty much the best show ever). So, my friend Sam posted on my Facebook wall with a picture of this really awesome shirt she had just bought (seen below)--and was obviously bragging. I, of course, then needed one of my own. I got it a day or so ago and decided to wear it yesterday; naturally I sent a picture to Sam bragging about my new purchase (not much to brag about considering she ordered the shirt before me, but whatever). And what did I get in reply? A picture of Sam wearing her shirt, too! Haha-- I thought it was a funny coincidence. Le sigh, best friends. 
Sam is currently attending University of Michigan for grad school and is dearly missed by her friends back home in Chicago. We are scheduling a wine night Skype date hopefully in the very near future--it'll be like she never left!

Sam left; Deb right.

Milen's bridal party pt 3


I loooved this updo on Milen's sister. It was a little edgy but still totally gorgeous on her. You can't tell from this shot, but the front was that messy-curled-pushed-back look. Love, love, love! I can't wait to get my hands on these photos so you can appreciate how beautiful these ladies looked!

Stay tuned for the professional photos!

Don't mind me...

Milen's bridal party pt 2


Here is Milen's only non-sister bridal party member. She had the loveliest long, thick, black hair and wanted something centered in the back with some volume at the top. I think she got what she was hoping for--and I thought she looked beautiful for Milen's special day.

Right now on repeat...


Frank Ocean
"Thinking About You"

I haven't been crazy in to R&B since like jr. high/high school-- ya know, Brian McKnight, Boys II Men, 112..all that good stuff. So, when I discovered this song the other day (I'm way behind, I know) it was like a throwback to those good ol' days. Check this Frank Ocean guy out..he's good.

Mimosas & massages

Two of my girlfriends and I decided a little while back that we would like to do a spa day. Since we had no idea where to start we went on Groupon in hopes of finding a location and a good deal. We ended up finding a $99 deal for three services at a spa called VALEO in downtown Chicago. The three of us booked the same three services: a 30 minute massage, a 30 minute facial, and a by-hand spray tan. We loved it! My masseuse was great and really worked out my muscles. He asked me if I had any problem areas and said he would focus on those for me. I needed that. As a hairstylist I'm always standing and using my shoulders and arms (plus being a busty lady doesn't help much either). So, I was in dire need for a good rub down. My facialist was a very lovely lady who actually listened to what I was telling her about my skin. This was also great because I didn't walk away with an overly greased up face. She answered any questions I had about balancing out my oily skin and tried to give me a little advice in terms of products in general, not just the brand they sold in their spa. She was also the one to do our spray tans--which was nice because after chatting with her during our facial I felt slightly more comfortable about stripping down in front of a complete stranger to get bronzed. All in all it was a nice morning of girl time and relaxation. My only problem now is I'm probably going to want to make this a regular thing...

Milen's bridal party

Here is one of Milen's lovely sisters and her updo that we decided on for the big day. She had the prettiest shade of light brown hair that looked oh-so-nice once curled and pinned up. Let me tell you..this bridal party was a bunch of super models. Not literally--but they probably could have been. Tayler, the makeup artist, reallllly did some gorgeous work and these girls rocked it out. 
What do you think? A loose, sort of romantic updo perfect for a wedding?

Milen's wedding


I got up bright & early this morning to do hair for Milen's wedding--and by bright & early I mean 4 am. That's right folks--I had to drive 40 minutes away to do hair at 5 am for her big day. (Side note: I worked until 12:30 am last night, so I'm running on fumes right now). Crazy. But I loved meeting her bridal party and rocking out 4 updos by 8:30 there's that. If you remember from her trial run she was my half-up bridal style. To battle against her long day ahead we used plenty of product and decided to to use a smaller barrel curling iron. And as per usual, Milen's hair curled fabulously. I mean, right? Look at those lovely curls!  By the time I left the hotel Milen was already shooting with her photographer; she looked gorgeous and you could just see how excited she was to get married in just a few hours. 
(That's one of my favorite parts of being able to get a peek inside of a bride's big day--their happiness & excitement is infectious.)

Congratulations, Milen! 
I hope you enjoy your looong day of celebration & manage to squeeze in a nap : )

Janae's Wedding Photos


Check out some of Janae's wedding photos on the very talented Amanda Megan Miller's blog! Seriously, Janae couldn't look more gorgeous & Amanda captured the day perfectly. Oh, and that custom made gown? It's of course a Mignonette Bridal original!

Nailed it

This week's manicure is with some fun new fall colors! Sorta lovely right? I pretty much love this color combo. It's the perfect brown shade with this awesome penny/bronze color.
What new fall colors are you going to try out this season?

Essie: Hot cocoa & Penny talk.

Trial run with Megan S.


Megan is one of my September brides and we had our trial run with past weekend at Mignonette. She wanted something pretty and off to the side with minimal volume. She sent me a few pictures from my website and I tried to combine them all. This is what we ended up with! I was lucky enough to get a peek at her in her custom Mignonette Bridal gown and it was so cute. I only say cute was so cute. Haha- Kpoene' designed a tea length dress trimmed with a full red tulle skirt underneath. Um, awesome. 

I'm looking forward to helping Megan get ready on her big day in just a few weeks!

Quote of the week


Wendi's bridal party pt 2

Wendi had a small bridal party of 3, and this was the second look of the day. 
(Her sister was the last bridesmaid, and we just straightened her hair so it looked nice and sleek)
For this updo we decided on a side swept ponytail with some curls. 
Nice, right? I thought it looked fabulous on her lovely blonde locks.

Wendi's bridal party


Here is one of Wendi's bridesmaids from last weekend. She didn't really care what she got, except some volume--so I suggested loose and swept to the side. What do you guys think?

Custom artwork by Kate


I commissioned Kate to help me out with a gift for the lovely, Kpoene' of Mignonette Bridal. Kpoene' has done so much for me since I met her last December. She is the greatest...ever. I couldn't think of a way to thank her for being such a dear friend to me this past year, so I figured I'd put my sister's talent to good use. She created this custom drawing of Kpoene' and her wife Anne. How cute is that? I love it! Girlfriend has some talent, right? Thank you Kate for helping me out with this fabulous gift!

If you're interested in your own personalized portrait contact me and I'll put you in touch with Kate!

The inspiration for their personalized drawing.