Yankees/Sox game


Last night my family and I headed down to US Cellular Field for the Yankees vs White Sox game. Josie and I had been looking forward to this game since March. I bought the tickets for her birthday present, but there wasn't a Chicago home game until August-- so we finally got to use those tickets last night. Unfortunately, our Yanks sucked it up and we literally got booed out of the stadium. Seriously, Sox fans sang "na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye" to me and my family as we left the bleachers. I should mention I have been a Sox fan since I was little, but about 8 years ago my boyfriend at the time got me to appreciate the Yankees; they then became my main squeeze. And my love for them has lasted longer than that relationship. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I was booed out of my #2 team's stadium. But I held my head high as we were shamed out of the Cell. It was pretty hilarious. I guess you could say that was the low of the day and the high of the day was when Curtis Granderson gave us a little wave from center field. Um, awesome! Haha- anyway although New York lost, it was so fun to be at a ball game with my family watching my two favorite teams duke it out. And I guess ice cold delicious beer never hurts either.

1. Josie showing off her Yankees gear (I raised her right).
2. Beer + baseball = the greatest
3. Fireworks after Rios answered Jeter's homer with one of his own.

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