Trial Run with Wendi V.


I met Wendi this past weekend for our trial run. She and her mom were so funny going over current events and chatting briefly about the wedding. She had a bad experience at her first trial run with another stylist, so I think she was a little nervous seeing as her wedding is in two weeks! She told me two things: she wanted loose waves and maybe some braids. So, we came up with this. We are still going to tweak a few things for the big day; like the braids are now french braids coming from the front and we nixed the waves entirely. She is my first bride to want a fresh blowout for the base of her bridal style. She always wears her thick hair straight, so it seemed like it would be more "her." She also has a lovely veil that she'll be wearing for the ceremony, so afterwards I'm going to meet up with her again to take it out (we were both sort of worried since the veil gets stuck directly in her little poof that her hair would get ruined when someone tried to take it out). So, what do you guys think about Wendi's half up style? I think there's just enough detail that either straight, or curly it'll look beautiful on her big day.

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