Sally's bridal party pt 3


This style was sort of a Jessica Alba inspired updo with a cute little accent braid to one side. Kate curled her hair and then passed Stephanie along to me. We were having a hard time figuring out what we liked with volume height, pieces down, and braids--but I hope she ended up liking her hair, because I thought she looked lovely for the hot day on the beach. 
I didn't get a great picture of my last updo on Ellen, so I won't be able to share hers until I get some of the professional pictures. She was my other bridesmaid with a braid accent--but hers was paired with a messy curly bun. 
Sally told me that her wedding turned out wonderfully, and I'm so glad to hear it. She and Jesse are a very sweet couple and deserved to have a perfect day that revolved all around them.

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