Kristin's bridal party


Kristin is the sister of one of my best friend's from growing up, and she got married this past Friday and asked me to help out with her bridal party's hair. I went to school with all of these girls and have known them all for a long time, so it was fun to help them get ready for one of their best friend's wedding. They were all so visibly happy for Kristin; it was pretty precious. One of her bridesmaids, Brittany, started crying almost right away. Kristin had just hopped out of the shower and put on her "Bride" robe and Brittany immediately started up. It was pretty funny and so very cute.

Ok, on to their hair...
I'll, of course, share the maid of honor's hair first. Michelle wanted her hair down and to pull one side back. We ended up twisting back the side and securing it with two pretty bobby pins that she brought along. I think she got what she was going for, and I thought she looked beautiful when she was all ready to go. Michelle was anxious about being the very best maid of honor, but I know she did a fabulous job supporting her best friend on her big day.

Stay tuned for the rest of (my portion of) the bridal party's hairstyles!

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