Forever missed.


A year ago today we lost Daniella. She was beautiful, she was funny, and she was only ten years old.
I first met the Vaca family in 2007 when I became their nanny. Their four little girls; Taylor, Sam, Daniella, and Alexa became like my little sisters; I spent more time with their family than with my own. When I had to stop watching them after over a year, I cried. I loved those little girls and I still do. 
I will always remember getting the phone call from my sister, Kate, telling me that Daniella had passed away. I didn't believe it. I told Kate no. They must have an older relative that she was named after who passed away. I contacted Taylor and researched news articles online for over an hour before it finally sunk in. This amazing little girl was gone forever.

Daniella was taken from us far too soon, and she is missed deeply by all who knew her.

You are forever missed, Yellie.

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