Fashion Show


I was asked by the lovely Julia- who was helping put together a runway show competition for fashion school students- to help out with the models that would be walking in the show. Supreme Novelty Fabrics was hosting the show in their warehouse, and it looked like it was going to be a nice little set up. I got there at 1 pm to start hair and had to leave around 4 pm. That gave me exactly 3 hours to do 8 models. That's crazy and a ridiculous situation I got myself in. More than half of the models had super thick hair down to their butts. Going in to it I thought I was just going to do very quick sleek ponytails on everyone with a deep side part. Once I got there and saw what kind of clothes they were going to be modeling in (dresses..and very nice ones at that) I knew I couldn't do plain ponytails. So, off I went--I did 7 messy side buns similar to ones I would do on a bridal party. My one exception was a model who had very short hair; so I brushed it out to look sort of classic and retro. Needless to say, I was exhausted afterwards. Models have the life, I tell you. They just sat around for the 3 hours and chatted amongst themselves while getting their hair and makeup done for them. Sounds good, right? But they do have do the actual modeling part, so I guess it isn't all play and no work. Ah, to be supermodel pretty.

Stay tuned these next few days for the rest of my models & their updos!

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