Anniversary photo shoot


Carlene from Naturally Yours Events called me up to do a last minute shoot last week, and I of course jumped at the chance to be apart of it. Between her amazing ideas and Shane Welch's unbelievable photography skills, it was a no-brainer. This is not an exaggeration--whenever Carlene asks me to do a shoot I immediately say yes and move around my schedule. And then this time when she told me that Shane was involved, who also shot the Holi Festival inspired styled wedding, it was like the very best icing on the cake. Makeup artist Pamela Jameson, who also took part in the shoot, said pretty much the exact same thing--it was sort of funny. Anyway, the most adorable couple was taking their one year wedding anniversary pictures with Shane and asked Carlene to plan it. I don't want to share the details yet, but trust me when I say you should look forward to these pictures (when I get my hands on them). It is going to be so super precious; I promise you will love them. The poorly photographed image below is the fun little bouffant-esque french twist that we decided on for the shoot. You can't tell in this picture, but her hair is the most lovely shade of light copper red. I loved it. Pam and I had a great time chatting and hanging out with Jaime while getting her ready. I actually ended up staying for her makeup portion of the day, because A. I always love seeing Pam and B. it was that fun hanging out with the two of them, haha. 

Jaime and Tim decided to up and move on us to Austin--the very next day I might add--so I hope their drive was an easy one and that they are having fun settling in!

If you're interested in getting your hair done for your engagement photos, family photos, or any type of event feel free to contact me and we'll set something up!

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