Anniversary photo shoot


Carlene from Naturally Yours Events called me up to do a last minute shoot last week, and I of course jumped at the chance to be apart of it. Between her amazing ideas and Shane Welch's unbelievable photography skills, it was a no-brainer. This is not an exaggeration--whenever Carlene asks me to do a shoot I immediately say yes and move around my schedule. And then this time when she told me that Shane was involved, who also shot the Holi Festival inspired styled wedding, it was like the very best icing on the cake. Makeup artist Pamela Jameson, who also took part in the shoot, said pretty much the exact same thing--it was sort of funny. Anyway, the most adorable couple was taking their one year wedding anniversary pictures with Shane and asked Carlene to plan it. I don't want to share the details yet, but trust me when I say you should look forward to these pictures (when I get my hands on them). It is going to be so super precious; I promise you will love them. The poorly photographed image below is the fun little bouffant-esque french twist that we decided on for the shoot. You can't tell in this picture, but her hair is the most lovely shade of light copper red. I loved it. Pam and I had a great time chatting and hanging out with Jaime while getting her ready. I actually ended up staying for her makeup portion of the day, because A. I always love seeing Pam and B. it was that fun hanging out with the two of them, haha. 

Jaime and Tim decided to up and move on us to Austin--the very next day I might add--so I hope their drive was an easy one and that they are having fun settling in!

If you're interested in getting your hair done for your engagement photos, family photos, or any type of event feel free to contact me and we'll set something up!

Sally's bridal party pt 3


This style was sort of a Jessica Alba inspired updo with a cute little accent braid to one side. Kate curled her hair and then passed Stephanie along to me. We were having a hard time figuring out what we liked with volume height, pieces down, and braids--but I hope she ended up liking her hair, because I thought she looked lovely for the hot day on the beach. 
I didn't get a great picture of my last updo on Ellen, so I won't be able to share hers until I get some of the professional pictures. She was my other bridesmaid with a braid accent--but hers was paired with a messy curly bun. 
Sally told me that her wedding turned out wonderfully, and I'm so glad to hear it. She and Jesse are a very sweet couple and deserved to have a perfect day that revolved all around them.

Quote of the week


Sally's bridal party pt 2

You might have guessed that this is one of my other favorites from Sally's big day--that retro wave gets me every time. Shelly showed me a picture of an updo she had at a previous wedding she attended with a similar retro wave going on in the front. So, this is what I came up with--and I hope she liked this one just as much, because I thought she looked gorgeous rocking this updo.

Sally's bridal party


As promised, here is the first of 5 updos I did for Sally's bridal party. This was one of my favorites--I loved how it turned out on Carrie's gorgeous blonde hair. She showed me a picture of one of Carrie Underwood's many updos and this is what I came up with. What do you guys think? Perfect for a wedding on the beach?

Sally's Wedding


My lovely client, Sally, got married this past weekend in a gorgeous Chicago beach wedding. I brought Kate along for some bridal party hair and we rocked out 7 updos for her big day. This bridal party was a group of babes, I tell ya. They all looked beautiful in their individually chosen champagne, beige, and soft pink bridesmaid dresses. And Sally is a girl after my own heart. She wore amazing Vera Wang embellished heels and these gorrrrgeous thrifted earrings (she has a knack for thrift store shopping). And to top it all off she wanted a bouffant-esque ponytail updo for her wedding hair. Or, as her fiancé calls it, a hanging up & down (that's a ponytail he's referring to, folks). Baha-- boys. Sally was all about the volume and a little bit of messiness and curls. So, we did the classic "Sally" poof and set a long, pretty ponytail to the side. I didn't get a front view of her, so if I get my hands on one I will share it--because she looked amazing. The morning was very relaxed and Sally was a dream to work with (I love those stress-free brides). She got her makeup done by the extremely talented Nika Vaughan; who I was very happy to finally meet after months of hearing about her. And all the hype was well-deserved; Sally's makeup looked flawless for her big day. 

Congratulations, Sally! I wish you & Jesse all the best.

Stay tuned in the upcoming days for more of my portion of the bridal party's updos!

Poor Giuseppe dog


My poor little babe got a teeth cleaning this past Friday and he just wasn't himself afterwards. It's just plain hard to shake off that anesthesia. Here are some pictures of the cute little guy and his bandage, and of him sleeping while sitting up on the ride home. Man, I love that dude.

Fashion show pt 4 (and that's it--I promise!)

Here are my final photos from last weekend-- I swear. I"ll stop bombarding you with all these model shots. But when I receive the professional photos from the show, you'll be the first to know! What did you guys think of all the updos? They were all a little different, right? That's the beauty of hairstyling-- you could do the same thing on everyone, but they all get their own version of it. Everyone's hair is different and styles differently. Some of the girls had wavy hair that easily held curls, and some had bone straight hair that was a little difficult to work with. All in all, I think they all turned out right for each individual model.

Let me know what you thought!

Fashion Show pt 3


How cute is our next model? And she's got that crazy fun hair to top it all off. She brought her mom along "backstage" and it was cute to watch them interact. You could tell that they were pretty close. So close, in fact, that when she won Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan tickets on the radio she decided to bring her mom along to the show. So cute, right? I hope they had a good time-- I know I did!

Fashion Show pt 2


Here is another model from the show--with the thickest, longest hair ever. She was super cute and, from what I heard from her, doing pretty well for herself in the modeling world. To which I said, "duh." 
She's a total babe, right?

Yankees/Sox game


Last night my family and I headed down to US Cellular Field for the Yankees vs White Sox game. Josie and I had been looking forward to this game since March. I bought the tickets for her birthday present, but there wasn't a Chicago home game until August-- so we finally got to use those tickets last night. Unfortunately, our Yanks sucked it up and we literally got booed out of the stadium. Seriously, Sox fans sang "na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye" to me and my family as we left the bleachers. I should mention I have been a Sox fan since I was little, but about 8 years ago my boyfriend at the time got me to appreciate the Yankees; they then became my main squeeze. And my love for them has lasted longer than that relationship. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I was booed out of my #2 team's stadium. But I held my head high as we were shamed out of the Cell. It was pretty hilarious. I guess you could say that was the low of the day and the high of the day was when Curtis Granderson gave us a little wave from center field. Um, awesome! Haha- anyway although New York lost, it was so fun to be at a ball game with my family watching my two favorite teams duke it out. And I guess ice cold delicious beer never hurts either.

1. Josie showing off her Yankees gear (I raised her right).
2. Beer + baseball = the greatest
3. Fireworks after Rios answered Jeter's homer with one of his own.

Fashion Show

I was asked by the lovely Julia- who was helping put together a runway show competition for fashion school students- to help out with the models that would be walking in the show. Supreme Novelty Fabrics was hosting the show in their warehouse, and it looked like it was going to be a nice little set up. I got there at 1 pm to start hair and had to leave around 4 pm. That gave me exactly 3 hours to do 8 models. That's crazy and a ridiculous situation I got myself in. More than half of the models had super thick hair down to their butts. Going in to it I thought I was just going to do very quick sleek ponytails on everyone with a deep side part. Once I got there and saw what kind of clothes they were going to be modeling in (dresses..and very nice ones at that) I knew I couldn't do plain ponytails. So, off I went--I did 7 messy side buns similar to ones I would do on a bridal party. My one exception was a model who had very short hair; so I brushed it out to look sort of classic and retro. Needless to say, I was exhausted afterwards. Models have the life, I tell you. They just sat around for the 3 hours and chatted amongst themselves while getting their hair and makeup done for them. Sounds good, right? But they do have do the actual modeling part, so I guess it isn't all play and no work. Ah, to be supermodel pretty.

Stay tuned these next few days for the rest of my models & their updos!

Quote of the week


Kristin's bridal party pt 3

Last but not least, we have Kristen. She has shorter suuuper thick hair and wanted, what I call, an asymmetrical updo. I wish I would've gotten a front view picture, because she looked like a super babe. Seriously.

Well, that's it! I hope the girls had an amazing time and that Kristin's wedding was absolutely perfect!

First day back with the Troup girls!


Just thought I'd share a few pictures from my first day back with the Troup girls. We walked to the park and had a nice little picnic, and in good time before the rain hit. These two are some of the funniest little kids ever. And Kate is a little chatterbox now; it's hilarious to just sit back and listen to her talk. Maggie thinks she's a grown up half of the time, so she is just as funny to have a conversation with. I'm looking forward to this school year hanging out with my two little girl friends!

Life lately according to my phone

Top left photo courtesy of Kate

1. working hard at a wedding downtown
2. the new puppy at work, Basil
3. the awesome Peter Pan ipad app
4. relaxing in a much needed bubble bath
5. an always delicious Blue Moon..sans orange slice
6. half-table beer pong never gets old with my guy friends
7. & 8. a little late night bike ride with Kate
9. Will enjoying a special soda treat while we bowl

Kristin's bridal party pt 2

Remember that cry-baby I mentioned in yesterday's post, Brittany? (Juuust kidding, Britt) Well, here is her side bun updo for Kristin's big day. Girlfriend has so much pretty, long hair, so it helped with the fullness of her updo. I thought it turned out pretty nicely and that Brittany looked gorgeous for the wedding.
What do you guys think?

Right now on repeat...


The Lumineers
"Ho Hey"

Kristin's bridal party

Kristin is the sister of one of my best friend's from growing up, and she got married this past Friday and asked me to help out with her bridal party's hair. I went to school with all of these girls and have known them all for a long time, so it was fun to help them get ready for one of their best friend's wedding. They were all so visibly happy for Kristin; it was pretty precious. One of her bridesmaids, Brittany, started crying almost right away. Kristin had just hopped out of the shower and put on her "Bride" robe and Brittany immediately started up. It was pretty funny and so very cute.

Ok, on to their hair...
I'll, of course, share the maid of honor's hair first. Michelle wanted her hair down and to pull one side back. We ended up twisting back the side and securing it with two pretty bobby pins that she brought along. I think she got what she was going for, and I thought she looked beautiful when she was all ready to go. Michelle was anxious about being the very best maid of honor, but I know she did a fabulous job supporting her best friend on her big day.

Stay tuned for the rest of (my portion of) the bridal party's hairstyles!

Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan


Last night after a drive that was took about 40 minutes longer than it should have because of all the people going to the same place, we finally arrived at the First Midwest Amphitheater in Tinley Park. And, needless to say, the concert was awesome. That venue is the best to go to and have lawn seats, because it's still way fun even if you aren't way up close. And country singers don't disappoint, so I knew that we were going to have some good music no matter how many people were stumbling around and spilling their beer on us. It ended up being just me, Kate, and her best friend Katie going to the concert. But that was enough because we had a great time watching the extremely drunk whilst listening to amazing music. 

Now I'm off for a day of celebrating that Tommy dog.

Bottom right: a lone crutch proudly waving the American flag.

Happy Birthday, Tommy!

Happy Birthday to the old man in the house, Tommy. He is 12 years old today and still running around like a young buck. These are just a few of my favorite pics that I've snapped from over the years (except that classic bottom right one obviously). Today Kate and I (Tommy is Kate's pooch) are going to take him for a walk in the forest preserve and maybe stop by the Dog Barkery for a special treat. 
Hope everyone else has as nice of a Sunday as Tom is going to have!

So long summer..

The girls I'll be watching for our third school year together.
This week the new school year starts and summer is officially over for me; back to work with all the families I nanny for. That doesn't mean I can't rock out some more of my fabulous chalk art. We've still got plenty of time for that. This summer felt like it just flew by, but I'm sort of ok with that because it means cooler weather is right around the corner. And I am verrrry excited for fall.

Crazy busy day


I'm headed downtown for the craziest of busy days; trial run, haircut, fashion show hair, and then back home in time to head out for the Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan concert with some friends. I'm exhausted just thinking about it..but it'll all be so fun that I'm actually looking forward to it all. (And to think I used to love working just 3 days a week-- I didn't love the poor part though, so there's that). Anyway, I'm sure I'll have lots to share in the next few days. For now, just enjoy a little country music and wish me luck in trying to squeeze in a nap sometime today!

Jason Aldean

Luke Bryan

Janae's wedding: sneak peek!


Janae's wedding photographer -- the amazing Amanda Megan Miller, posted some sneaks from the wedding on her website. It'll probably be a bit before I get my hands on them, so take a looksie at these for now!

Forever missed.

A year ago today we lost Daniella. She was beautiful, she was funny, and she was only ten years old.
I first met the Vaca family in 2007 when I became their nanny. Their four little girls; Taylor, Sam, Daniella, and Alexa became like my little sisters; I spent more time with their family than with my own. When I had to stop watching them after over a year, I cried. I loved those little girls and I still do. 
I will always remember getting the phone call from my sister, Kate, telling me that Daniella had passed away. I didn't believe it. I told Kate no. They must have an older relative that she was named after who passed away. I contacted Taylor and researched news articles online for over an hour before it finally sunk in. This amazing little girl was gone forever.

Daniella was taken from us far too soon, and she is missed deeply by all who knew her.

You are forever missed, Yellie.

Trial Run with Wendi V.


I met Wendi this past weekend for our trial run. She and her mom were so funny going over current events and chatting briefly about the wedding. She had a bad experience at her first trial run with another stylist, so I think she was a little nervous seeing as her wedding is in two weeks! She told me two things: she wanted loose waves and maybe some braids. So, we came up with this. We are still going to tweak a few things for the big day; like the braids are now french braids coming from the front and we nixed the waves entirely. She is my first bride to want a fresh blowout for the base of her bridal style. She always wears her thick hair straight, so it seemed like it would be more "her." She also has a lovely veil that she'll be wearing for the ceremony, so afterwards I'm going to meet up with her again to take it out (we were both sort of worried since the veil gets stuck directly in her little poof that her hair would get ruined when someone tried to take it out). So, what do you guys think about Wendi's half up style? I think there's just enough detail that either straight, or curly it'll look beautiful on her big day.

Quote of the week


I'm obsessed with quotes in general, quoting movies, quotation marks..(ok maybe not that last one, but it just felt right).
So, I've decided to share my favorites and new ones that I stumble upon. 
Here is the first in this new series:


Special shout out to Kate because she discovered this one at the same time I did.

Mother of the Bride

Here is the adorable Glenna, Janae's mom, from Saturday. We were having a hard time with her thick locks because they are also very short (she's got the ever so popular graduated bob). She wanted her hair to stay off her face, so after curling we pulled a few pieces back. How cute is she?

Bridesmaids pt 2


Here is the second bridesmaid look from Saturday, and probably my favorite. I love how the little wave in the front gives it a retro feel while keeping it clean and pretty perfect for that summer beach wedding.
Love it!



Here is part one of some of the lovely bridesmaids who stood in Janae's wedding on Saturday. After I did this updo first on her, all the other bridesmaids wanted a similar look. They all looked amazing! Kate came as my assistant again and rocked out some awesome updos on some of the other girls. All in all, it was a great day in the hair department. Stay tuned for tomorrow's bridesmaid updo with a little retro flair.

Congratulations, Ashley!


Remember when my friend Ashley ditched me for the summer to do bigger and better things with her life?
Well, she's done! Ok, well she's done with basic training. I just wanted to shout her a quick congrats and let her know how proud I am to be her fwend. 
Seriously, girlfriend- you rock.

Janae's Wedding

You might remember the always lovely Janae from our trial run back in early June. Well, yesterday she got married! It was the perfect day for her beach wedding and she looked absolutely gorgeous. I didn't get a shot from the front, but here was what we ended up with for the big day! (The picture is a bit blurry, but hopefully you get the idea). Those flowers were given to her by her sisters by taking bits of their own weddings dresses and turning them in to little flowers. How precious it that?

Congratulations, Janae! I hope your wedding was perfect & you have an easy move to New Orleans!

Sort of trial run...


Yesterday I had a trial to see if I could join a new beauty division under a wedding planner. It was a lot of fun and the girls were so nice (and sort of hilarious.. you know, girl time). Amanda, from Shannon Gail's event team, showed me a picture and I had to recreate it. I put my own little twist on it (those curls on the sides were giving me a hard time), but it still looks pretty nice. What do you guys think?

Beauty on a budget


Today's look is a taupe eye & pink-ish coral gloss.
It's nice and neutral so you won't look overdone but you'll still feel pretty.
Perfect for summer!

Concealer: Covergirl/Olay, Simply Ageless
Blush: Covergirl, Cheekers; Rock 'n Rose 
Lips: Revlon, Lip gloss; Coral Reef
Mascara: L'Oreal, Voluminous Million Lashes
Eyeliner: Jordana, Fabu Liner; black
Eyeshadow: Revon, Matte; Rich Sable & Vintage Lace
                           Urban Decay, Hustle

Bridal party hair


I just thought I'd share some pictures I managed to snap over the weekend the morning of Leslie's wedding. Here were two of the bridesmaids in the party; one with super thick, short hair & the other with long, thick hair. Basically, so. much. hair. Kate had to deal with some crazy locks, too. But all the girls were so great and they had excellent taste in music, so that didn't hurt either. 

Congratulations, Leslie! I hope your wedding was everything you dreamed it would be.

Lollapalooza & Beer Olympics


I had a pretty busy weekend this past one. Friday my sister and I headed downtown for Lollapalooza to see The Shins & The Black Keys. It was ah-mazing. There is nothing like good music and ice cold beer on a summer night, right? Saturday morning was filled with wedding hair for the lovely Leslie & her bridal party. I brought my sister Kate along as my assistant and she did a fabulous job. That was followed by a looong afternoon/evening of Beer Olympics at our friends' house. Our town was doing a big bicycle race, Tour of Elk Grove, all weekend that we paired with our own Olympics. Kate & I were Team Italy, thus the pasta necklaces and bow tie pasta earrings. Pretty cute, huh? Haha. Yesterday I spent the afternoon watching the final men's race in town with my parents and sister, Josie. The grand prize for the winner of that race got $18,000. Yowza, right? I might need to pick up cycling and compete next year...ok, probably not.

Trial run with Milen A.


The very lovely Milen and I had our trial run yesterday for her September wedding. You might remember her from our unexpected meeting at Mignonette and very quick style. She was absolutely set on a half up style, but her mom was worried about it holding. So, she came in yesterday debating a full updo as the alternative; we decided to try both and see which we liked best. We didn't even get past the half up style. Her hair holds curls in the most amazingly gorgeous way possible; perfectly flowing and producing ridiculous volume at the same time. Not fair. Just take a look and you'll see what I mean.