My trip so far..


From left to right: Mom enjoying the view from breakfast, Kate & I, and Beth hobbling along with her bum knee.
California has been fabulous so far, of course (except for the fact my sister's AC is broken in her car, ugh). I had my first real experience with sushi, not just the kind you can buy at Jewel--so that was delicious. We visited the Santa Monica pier, have heard a fair amount of Christmas music at random times (odd, I know), and have seen one celebrity thus far (the daughter on the show Castle--does that count?). We are going to hang out with some of Kate's friends that are also visiting LA tonight, see Batman tomorrow, and go to Disneyland on Monday. Lots of fun stuff coming up! I just hope that I run in to Daniel Tosh and he asks me out on a date...

Santa Monica beach, me not enjoying having no AC in the car, and delicious, delicious frozen yogurt.

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