Mine & Kate's hair makeovers


Here we are heading downtown to see Best Coast at the Vic with our new hair colors.
And, I just realized I never shared a picture of our new hair that I mentioned before (here & here).

Here are some before & after photos
(not the greatest, but hopefully you get the idea):

1. longer & lighter 2. blunt & dark 3. super blonde

Left: darker & more red Top: lots of highlights Bottom: balayage ombré

Kate looks pretty fabulous as a blonde, don't you think? She's been a blonde for basically her whole life, so we weren't worried about it looking good. That's a pretty drastic transformation though, right? She went from darkest brown to blonde in a day. Lots of work and I don't totally recommend it--it can be pretty damaging if your hair isn't in tip top shape. Her hair thankfully is totally fine with minimal damage. My ombré is a work in progress--and wouldn't ya know I already want to go back red. I just can't get that perfect Julianne Moore/Debra Messing red, for pete's sake.

Oh, and here is Best Coast- check them out they are amaaaazing:

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