Right photo cred Kate

So, we're home. I had a good time visiting my sister, Beth, out in LA and roaming all around southern Cali, but I was ready to come home to my pooch and air conditioning. We ended up visiting Malibu, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, and Disneyland. If you're following my instagram you can see that we also saw a few movies (the new Batman included), ate a lot of good food, and did some wine tasting. One of my favorite parts of the trip was finally being able to take a real, legitimate hike (it's hard to find good hiking around Chicago, unfortunately). Kate and I both have been dying to go and we took a nice one in Malibu in 71 degree weather. It was sorta perfect. But now it's back to business-- August is going to be a busy one so stay tuned for some fun stuff coming up!

Here are a whole lot of photos I thought I'd share from the trip:

Left photo cred Kate

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