Nailed it.


Here is my freshly painted manicure for the next two weeks; navy blue & gold stripes. I just wanted the stripe design and my nail guy went a little crazy and got a little creative on two of my fingers. Kinda fun though, right? 

Mine & Kate's hair makeovers


Here we are heading downtown to see Best Coast at the Vic with our new hair colors.
And, I just realized I never shared a picture of our new hair that I mentioned before (here & here).

Here are some before & after photos
(not the greatest, but hopefully you get the idea):

1. longer & lighter 2. blunt & dark 3. super blonde

Left: darker & more red Top: lots of highlights Bottom: balayage ombré

Kate looks pretty fabulous as a blonde, don't you think? She's been a blonde for basically her whole life, so we weren't worried about it looking good. That's a pretty drastic transformation though, right? She went from darkest brown to blonde in a day. Lots of work and I don't totally recommend it--it can be pretty damaging if your hair isn't in tip top shape. Her hair thankfully is totally fine with minimal damage. My ombré is a work in progress--and wouldn't ya know I already want to go back red. I just can't get that perfect Julianne Moore/Debra Messing red, for pete's sake.

Oh, and here is Best Coast- check them out they are amaaaazing:



Right photo cred Kate

So, we're home. I had a good time visiting my sister, Beth, out in LA and roaming all around southern Cali, but I was ready to come home to my pooch and air conditioning. We ended up visiting Malibu, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, and Disneyland. If you're following my instagram you can see that we also saw a few movies (the new Batman included), ate a lot of good food, and did some wine tasting. One of my favorite parts of the trip was finally being able to take a real, legitimate hike (it's hard to find good hiking around Chicago, unfortunately). Kate and I both have been dying to go and we took a nice one in Malibu in 71 degree weather. It was sorta perfect. But now it's back to business-- August is going to be a busy one so stay tuned for some fun stuff coming up!

Here are a whole lot of photos I thought I'd share from the trip:

Left photo cred Kate



Sorry- nothing fun to hear about today on the blog. I'm taking the next few days off to finish up my trip and settle in back home. Today I'm enjoying the day at Disney with my 2/3 of my sisters and my mama. 
Hope you guys are having a fun day, too!

UPDATE: Cali wedding on Lovely: Bridal blog


Oh, how very exciting! Our California inspired styled wedding was featured on another blog! 
Check out the Lovely: Bridal Fashion Inspiration blog to see us featured on "The Lovely List" and the other lovely things that made the list.

What I'm loving lately


accent braid
How cute does a little braid make your every day hairstyle?
I love it. It's such a quick & easy way to do something a little different.
Give it a try and mix up your hair styling repertoire a little bit!

2: Cupcakes and Cashmere
4: Gal Meets Glam
6: Running on Happiness

Santa Barbara for the day!


We are heading out from LA and ditching the hot weather and AC-lessness for 71 degree weather. I. Can't. Wait. I shared a pic on instagram of my accessories for the day. How cute is that skulls bracelet? I picked it up the other day in Santa Monica. They recently became available online, so if you're interested I'll share the link!

LA Ink

Swung by sister's boyfriend's work.
Look at him all grown up and painted in a mural.
Maybe we'll run in to Kat Von D this time?

My trip so far..


From left to right: Mom enjoying the view from breakfast, Kate & I, and Beth hobbling along with her bum knee.
California has been fabulous so far, of course (except for the fact my sister's AC is broken in her car, ugh). I had my first real experience with sushi, not just the kind you can buy at Jewel--so that was delicious. We visited the Santa Monica pier, have heard a fair amount of Christmas music at random times (odd, I know), and have seen one celebrity thus far (the daughter on the show Castle--does that count?). We are going to hang out with some of Kate's friends that are also visiting LA tonight, see Batman tomorrow, and go to Disneyland on Monday. Lots of fun stuff coming up! I just hope that I run in to Daniel Tosh and he asks me out on a date...

Santa Monica beach, me not enjoying having no AC in the car, and delicious, delicious frozen yogurt.



Since I hardly ever post about my jewelry designing I figured I would share a couple photos of one of my necklaces that was published yesterday on Style Me Pretty. Featured in the California styled wedding was "Betty" one of my hand sewn floral bib necklaces. This is one of my favorites because I have a mild obsession with the color mint green. I think the necklace is a fabulous addition to any wedding; whether it be for the bride, bridesmaids, or flower girl. What do you guys think?

California styled wedding published!


Remember that Big Star styled wedding I was apart of? Well, we got published this morning on Style Me Pretty! This shoot was so fun and absolutely gorgeous. I love every little detail of this indie meets Mexican styled wedding. Seriously, that Katie Jayne of Jayne Weddings really knows her stuff. Check her out--you'll be equally as impressed. And that fabulous custom gown is, of course, by the lovely and talented Kpoene' (owner of Mignonette). And please check out those flowers from Forget Me Knodt--so very pretty and really unique, right? She even made that hanging branch arrangement behind the couple at the altar. Then of course Lily Red Studios captures the details perfectly to tie this whole shoot together in one perfect little bow (they did the invites, too!). I just love it. I'm so glad I was able to take part in such an amazing shoot, and hope to work with all these fabulous and talented women again in the future!

(What perfect timing, with me being in California and all).


Off to California!


Tomorrow I'm off to visit the oldest sister in Los Angeles. I'm so super excited to see her! We haven't been back to Cali since Thanksgiving, so I just can't wait! We have some fun plans (including Disneyland, of course), so I promise to take plenty of pictures. Oh, and I'll try to post while I'm away. Have a fabulous week!

Pictures from our last trip. Top left photo: me, Beth & Kate.

Life lately according to my phone


Top middle picture courtesy of Kate.

1. cawfee tawk
2. me very happily Skyping with Jake
3. baby feet
4. Cody free at last
5. Dad being the best first base coach ever
6. Giuseppe being a scruff-ball
7. snapping a quick picture after being poured down on
8. a little Super Mario Bros. with Kate
9. a side of oatmeal with those berries

Wedding, wine tasting & Vampire Weekend


This weekend has been busy, busy! Friday I had my trial run with Leslie, if you recall, and a very productive meeting with Julia Franzosa of Julisa Franzosa Photography. Not to mention spending the rest of the evening completely cleaning out my room with my sister (I'm not exaggerating--hours of cleaning and throwing stuff out [thanks again, Kate]). Phew. Then yesterday I had some bridal party hair that I helped out with (a very pretty bridal party, I might add), and then did some wine tasting with friends at Cooper's Hawk. That place is so cute and they have some delicious wine. I ended up buying a bottle of Blanc de Blanc -- a super yummy bottle of sparkling wine. I told my friend I'd save it until her wedding day in October...we'll see if it lasts that long. Now today I'm heading downtown with my sister Kate and some friends to see Vampire Weekend at the Pitchfork Music Festival. If you don't know who they are, look them up--they rock.

Hope you guys are having as much fun this weekend as I am!

Vampire Weekend "Giving Up The Gun"

Trial run with Leslie P.


Here is another bridal ‘do on the fabulous, Leslie. We last minute decided not to have her hair all down for the big day, because the back of her dress is just way too gorgeous. She didn’t have anything in mind (besides covering up her ears- haha) and just told me to have at it, so this is what we came up with. How lovely does her Violet Bells veil look with that mess of curls? I can’t wait to see the complete look with that gorgeous gown in just a few short weeks!

Bye, Em!


Aaaand another goodbye.
(It's not even the last one I'm going to have to have)
Emily, my love, is moving to southern Illinois for the next three years while her boyfriend completes his physical therapy program. So, while they're playing house in Peoria, my friend group is whittling down to nothing. Thanks, guys. Amanda and I reaaallly appreciate you guys doing grown up stuff and ditching us.
Anyway, I'll miss you too much, Em. So, we better visit each other very often.
And/or have regular Skype wine nights like we talked about.

Beautiful Sessions pt 4

And here is our final "Beautiful Session" from Bride's Day with sweet & lovely, Julia. We  went with a different style for her because she doesn't curl her hair often. It is generally pretty straight and doesn't hold a curl well. So, we of course wanted her hair to look like "her" and not an overdone version of herself. I love the way it turned out; very natural & not definitely not overdone.

Ok, that's it for now! Keep checking back for more sessions and don't forget to tell your friends!

Beautiful Sessions pt 3


Here is the fabulous Eleanor and her “Beautiful Session.” How adorable is she? She already had naturally wavy hair, so I just recurled it to shape it and touch it up. She wanted to still look natural and not totally made up. So, I thought this was definitely the route to take with her; not totally smoothed and still natural looking.

Beautiful Session pt 2


I’m so excited I finally got my hands on some more “Beautiful Session” photos from our Bride’s Day 2012. Here are the pictures from the lovely Catie’s session. The beautiful mom-to-be really knows how to rock that short hair, right? Love it!

And here is the gorgeous Gina. Her pictures are some of my favorites from Bride’s Day. She had this pretty, long hair to work with, and it looks perfectly tousled and sexy for the shoot. Christy just told me today that she booked another shoot for us in September– I’m super excited for it! Keep ‘em coming! 

Don’t forget to tell your friends about our “Beautiful Sessions” with Christy Tyler! 



Ok, friends the website is finally up! Take a look at and please do remember to refer me to your friends and family!

Another texturized updo

Here is another version of the texturized updo; this time with more volume and it all pulled back.
Thanks to the lovely Amanda for letting me borrow her head!

Half up bridal style

Here is the back view of the half-up style that my newest bride decided on. She wants some rhinestone bobby pins thrown in, so we tried out these lovely ones by Violet Bells. Stay tuned for my trial run with Milen!



Here is an updo I did for a wedding. She was just a guest but she wanted her hair up (100+ degree weather, ugh) and to look nice. She brought me a picture similar to this and this is what we came up with!

Short, blunt cut


How freakin' cute does my sister look with her new shorter 'do?
I can't get over it. She is the most precious.

A few weekends ago she decided to go a few inches shorter, and darker--so we chopped it
..and I mean, can the girl pull it off or what?

Stayed tuned for the next update on Kate..because she's now decided to go back to blonde!
She's killing me.

Bridal Event at Mignonette!


Ok, friends we're doing it again:
Come out on Saturday to chat with me about wedding hairstyles! You'll get a glass of champagne, a quick updo, and be able to peruse the shop for any accessories you might need...even gowns if you're in the market for one! And if that's the case Kpoene' is exactly the person you'll want to talk to. Trust me, she's amazing. Hope to see you there!

When & Where:
 Saturday, July 7th at Mignonette Bridal (1747 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL)

Get ready for the fourth!


Here are some cute ideas to celebrate the 4th of July.
I might give 'em all a try--definitely that toast for the little guys I watch.
Hope you guys give them a try, too!