Nailed it.


So, it's been a while since I've done something sort of fun with my nails.
But here we are with a soft gray and sherbert orange french manicure.
My nail guy hated the color combo--shows how much boys know. Right?

Beautiful Sessions with Christy Tyler Photography


I was lucky enough to be asked by the lovely and super sweet Christy Tyler to take part in this new portion of her photography business. She is offering a more modest version of boudoir photo shoots to anyone and everyone. She has a way of making already lovely women look like these just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-I'm-still-gorgeous super models. Side note: you wear whatever you want and feel most comfortable in. If you're looking to surprise your honey with a special little treat, book a session with Christy. I'll be there with make up artist Pam to make you look like an extra fabulous version of yourself. It's so much fun & trust me when I say your significant other will appreciate it!

I'll be sharing some photos from previous sessions as I receive them:
first up is gorgeous new mom, Danielle.

How crazy talented is Christy? I mean, come on..these rock.

Life lately according to my phone


1. Amy's going away party at Blarney's Island
2. Fox Lake
3. Amanda ready to spray passing boats on Fox Lake
4. gym shoes post Warrior Dash
5. Tommy just being the cutest
6. Will also being the cutest (at the fountains)
7. Lemonade shake up at the Fair
8. Happy Father's Day!
9. Kate and her cute headband
10. Pup paws (courtesy of Kate)
11. bashed up knees post Warrior Dash
12. perfect day for drinking beer on the water
13. delicious popsicle kind of day
14. Mike and I during that monsoon on Pharoah's Fury
14. first Warrior Dash: check!

Goodbye Ginger Life.


So, I'm thinking of saying adios to the red hair--for now.
(That's the best part of having hairstylists in the family--I can go back to it whenever I want.)
My sister, Kate, is an awesome colorist so lucky her she gets to take on this project with me.
Because, I'm thinking ombré... again.
Here are some shots of me with my previous trial.
This time I'm thinking lighter all around, cooler in tone, and a little different in technique.

Stay tuned for the results!

Warrior Dash!


This past weekend I ran in my first 5k and it was so much fun! There were obstacles along the way that really kicked your butt (I've got the bruises and bashed up knees to prove it), and tired a girl out. Then at the very end of the run you have to jump over two fire pits and crawl under barbed wire in a pool of mud. Awesome, right? Icing on the cake: free beer at the end of the race. I totally recommend this run to everyone--it was such a good time and you feel really good about finishing such a crazy race. 
Now, off to buy a new pair of running shoes!

Those maiden braids really hung in there, huh?

Happy Father's Day!!


I want to thank my dad really quick for being the best ever. 
Seriously, he rocks.

I love you, Dad!!

Half up


Here is a cute alternative to the traditional half-up hairstyle. 
A little bit of volume and a couple of twists!

Necklaces published!


Here is some exciting news in regards to my jewelry line: my necklaces are featured in this month's CS Brides Magazine! If you want to take a look pick up a copy or check out the digital copy here. On page 124 they interviewed the always lovely Kpoene' at Mignonette and used a photo featuring my floral bib necklaces. Super exciting!

Trial Run Janae L.


Here is the gorgeous Janae after her trial run. We are tweaking a few things, but other than that this is it--her hair for her wedding day! She actually said that to me, "I can't believe I just got my hair styled for my wedding." Kinda crazy to think in only two months she'll be putting it all together for the big day. And this girl is seriously a jack of all trades--she made her own adorable invites, is making her own cake, made her wedding favors, and is making her gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. And it's all super cute. Some people hog all the talent, I tell ya. I can't wait to help get her ready on the big day!

The lake!


I just wanted to share a quick picture summarizing my day. Rough life.

Texturized updo


If you peruse Pinterest for five minutes you will see a variety of gorgeous updos. One I see all the time is the defined curls updo. A bride of mine wanted something similar, so I thought I'd try a version out on my friend Amanda in preparation for our trial run. What do you guys think? I think it turned out pretty nicely. Can't wait to try it on those thick locks of Janae's today!

What I'm loving lately


pixie cuts & short, short 'dos
How adorable are all these cropped cuts?
Sooo very adorable..that's how much.
If I ever get the guts I am totally going to chop my hair
in to the Michelle Williams or Ginnifer Goodwin versions.
One day...

Sneak Peek at the Big Star bridal shoot


Remember when I was in Wicker Park at that awesome Mexican place (Big Star)?
Well, here is a sneak peek at some of the amazing photos by Lily Red Studio from the day!
(Oh, and check out my necklace on our gorgeous model paired with that adorable dress by Mignonette).
Anyway, the shoot was so much fun and all the vendors involved were really lovely people.
 I can't wait to share more when we get published--because, seriously, you can't even begin to appreciate the super cute details but together by Jayne Weddings

Check out those gorgeous flowers by Forget Me Knodt..umm, amazing!

Jayne Weddings and Events
> Event Design & Planning
Lily Red Studio
>Photography & Invitation/Paper Good Design
Mignonette Bridal 
>Boutique/Custom Wedding Dress, Suit & Accessories
Forget Me Knodt
Nika Vaughan, Make Up Artists (Carol for Nika Vaughan, Makeup Artists)
>Make Up
Debbie Petrielli
> Hair
Big Star
> Shoot Location

Happy Birthday, Sam!

I just wanted to wish a good one to my darling friend Sam.
She is one of my closest & dearest friends who, side note, 
will also be leaving me this summer for Pure Michigan.
What's that all about, right? All my friends are ditching me. 
(Except for you Amanda, much love).
Happy, happy, happiest of birthdays to my lovely friend, Shamanfra.

8th Grade Dance


My precious little cheerleaders are growing up so fast! I am a cheerleading coach at my mom's jr. high school and some of my girls asked me to do their hair for the dance. How adorable are they?

One more prom look


Here is the lovely Katie and I did her hair and make up for the big dance.
How precious is she? Love it, love her.

Goodbye, Ashley!


Yet another goodbye to my lovely friend, Ashley.
She is going to basic training for the Marines-- 
to basically become Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men.
Yeah, Ashley is on her way to becoming a lawyer.
She's kind of a big deal.
I'm going to miss you, my darling.
Good luck & kick some ass!

Prom weekend!

Just thought I'd share a few of my adorable clients' hairstyles for prom!
This here is Rachel and she wanted a loose updo for the dance.
What do you think?