The artist


Kate's "100 Faces Project" version of me.
My sister, Kate, is a closet artist. She should've just gone to school for art instead of wasting her time on other things. Girlfriend is good. I mean really good. If you remember, she is the artistic talent behind my business cards. Well, she is finally accepting the fact that she should share and not be so selfish, and has set up a blog to display some of her work. It's all brand new stuff that she is coming up with, as she is trying to draw something new every day. Her current project is this "100 Faces Project," where you have to draw a face with the opposite of your dominant hand in a minute or less. She's just getting started and she's already rocking them out. Take a looksie at her blog and you'll see what I mean.

Her "100 Faces Project" version of our family.

I mean...come on. That's awesome.

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