Another fabulous (exhausting) photo shoot..


Let me tell you..this shoot was an adventure, that's for sure. It was about a 2.5/3 hr drive to Michigan where I then proceeded to get lost & back my car in to a ditch. Disaster? Very much so. Biggest idiot in the world? Me. In my defense, the road was a one-way-back-road-infested-with-trees-and-mud-uphill-impossible-to-navigate-path-of-no-return. Two tow trucks later I was fiiiinallly at the shoot. (Thank you Kpoene' for hanging with me while I waited & cried like a baby.)
The shoot itself was gorrrgeous. Seriously- I can't wait to get my hands on these photos, because Shantel the wedding planner at Peacock & Papaya and Jill from Natural Beauties Floral rocked it out. And I've seen the photographer, Heather DeCamp's work before..and she's amaaazing. For real, this one is going to be good. And the models we used were a fun & adorable real-life couple. I'm super excited to see how it all turned out. Here's a peek at just a few pictures from the day--nothing too exciting, but do check 'em out.
The millions of steps everyone had to hike to get down to the beach. (That's not even all of them!)
Our beautiful model, Jaime wearing my headpiece. 

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