Wedding in New York


The lovely groom

Well, I'm back from the wedding and it was a very good time indeed.
It was nice to get together with some of my dearest friends and celebrate The Evetts.
Congratulations, Kyle & Liz! I wish you a long, happy life together.

My roommates for the weekend.

Spring Down the Aisle: half up

Unfortunately, I didn't get a rear shot of this half up 'do--
but I think it turned out really neat & clean.
Here is the amazing Pamela doing some make up on our bride.

Well, that's it!
Kpoene' over at Mignonette is thinking of hosting several more of these fun events--
so I'll be sure to let you know when the time comes!

Julia Franzosa Photography

Spring Down the Aisle: braided crown


This lovely bride didn't care what she was getting.
So, I just threw together something super easy, but still sort of lovely.

Julia Franzosa Photography

Spring Down the Aisle: big bridal bun


Here is that classic bridal updo that I posted about earlier this month.
It's simple, classic, and lovely. Don't you think?

Julia Franzosa Photography

Spring Down the Aisle: bridal bouffant


Here is the darling Janessa from Violet Bells. Isn't she just the cutest?
I really liked how her updo turned out, and she totally rocked it.

Julia Franzosa Photography

New York for the weekend!


I'm flying out today for my friend Kyle's wedding in Syracuse, and I'm reaaalllly excited about it.
My friend Giordanna and I will be arriving pretty much as everyone is boarding the party bus for the night.
Jealous? :) I'm going to try to still post, but if I don't get a chance I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Me, Kyle, and my horrible highlights circa 2005.
I hope he's gotten a little better at posing for pictures since he'll be in about a billion this weekend :)

Spring Down the Aisle: braided bun

Here is another gorgeous bride who was getting a jump start on her wedding planning.
(She's not getting married until 2013!--girl's on top of it)
Since she didn't really have any ideas yet, I decided to come up with something on my own;
this lovely little braided bun. Super pretty, right?

Julia Franzosa Photography

Spring Down the Aisle: short bridal updo


Here was that so-very-cute bride that I posted about earlier in the month.
She's rocking this awesome asymmetrical cut and wasn't sure what to do with it on the big day.
(Her fiance doesn't exactly like it..boys they don't know anything about beauty and fashion, do they?)
With this style it's able to almost look like it's pushed back and over, 
rather than actually a bit shorter on one side. 

And here is a quick shot of her before she got her hair done with her friend
--our lovely bride from yesterday's post!
They are talking veils & headpieces with Janessa at Violet Bells.
(And they're talking to the right girl, she's amazing!)
Julia Franzosa Photography

Spring Down the Aisle official photos


I just got the pictures from our Spring Down the Aisle event-- and that Julia Franzosa does not disappoint. Since there were a bunch, I'm going to post them over the next few days. 
So, check back to take a looksie at them all!

Here's our first pretty little bride with a loosely curled asymmetrical updo.

Julia Franzosa Photography

Updo for a photography workshop


Earlier today I did hair for Christy Tyler Photography's wedding photography workshop.
Here is the lovely model and her updo! 
They wanted braids and maybe a side bun, so this is what I came up with. 
What do you think?

Flower girl hairstyle


With all this wedding hair I've been doing, it would be just plain rude of me to forget about the little girls.
I've showed this style before, but here are some cute maiden braids on the lovely, Maggie.
Pretty much just to show you guys how super cute it would look on maybe your flower girl? 
I think so! Keep checking back to see other styles for the cutest girls in your bridal party.

Another fabulous (exhausting) photo shoot..


Let me tell you..this shoot was an adventure, that's for sure. It was about a 2.5/3 hr drive to Michigan where I then proceeded to get lost & back my car in to a ditch. Disaster? Very much so. Biggest idiot in the world? Me. In my defense, the road was a one-way-back-road-infested-with-trees-and-mud-uphill-impossible-to-navigate-path-of-no-return. Two tow trucks later I was fiiiinallly at the shoot. (Thank you Kpoene' for hanging with me while I waited & cried like a baby.)
The shoot itself was gorrrgeous. Seriously- I can't wait to get my hands on these photos, because Shantel the wedding planner at Peacock & Papaya and Jill from Natural Beauties Floral rocked it out. And I've seen the photographer, Heather DeCamp's work before..and she's amaaazing. For real, this one is going to be good. And the models we used were a fun & adorable real-life couple. I'm super excited to see how it all turned out. Here's a peek at just a few pictures from the day--nothing too exciting, but do check 'em out.
The millions of steps everyone had to hike to get down to the beach. (That's not even all of them!)
Our beautiful model, Jaime wearing my headpiece. 

Photo shoot today in Michigan


I'm heading off to Michigan for the day for another amazing photo shoot.
This one, of course, is completely different from the past two.
I can't wait to share the details--and I'll be sure to post a sneak peek tomorrow!
Not enjoying the drive up.

Braids, braids, braids


Braids are always a go-to. And rightfully so. 
They are the perfect way to add a little something extra to a hairstyle. 
Here we have three different variations that I did at the Spring Down the Aisle event.
All super pretty and easy.

What I'm loving lately


any & all kinds of lipstick
and not just lately..always.
I love me a pretty little pout. 
If you're too nervous to try, just go for it!
It's not that scary & it looks oh-so-fab.


Here's another one..

For all you short-haired girls out there, here's a cute alternative to wearing it all down.
Tanja here has a totally cute asymmetrical cut that we were working with; 
it ended up looking swept to the side & lovely.
Throw it up in a few cute twists to control the lengths and you've got your half up 'do.
Add an accent like that thrifted brooch and you've got yourself some reallll cute hair for your wedding day.

Concert last Saturday


My sister Kate and I went to see fun. this past weekend at the Vic downtown
& then met up with friends for some good company and crazy cab driving afterwards. 
It was reaaalll fun. (Didn't mean to put it that way, but I'm leaving it, haha) 
Here's a quick little shot of them mid-concert.
I wish it was Saturday and I could do it all over again riiight now...le sigh.

Oh, and here we are..super excited for them to come on!

Classic bridal updo

This bride wanted a classic updo; everything centered in back and clean looking.
Her veil would look beautiful draped over her hair, and then at the reception she could rock this big 'ol bun.

Updos from this past weekend


Until the official pictures come out from this weekend's Spring Down the Aisle event, I'll be posting some of my own. We gave super quick mini makeovers to the brides who came in to visit.
Check out this fun bouffant-esque updo on Janessa from Violet Bells
(check out her veils and hair accessories--they are gorgeous!) 

What a babe!

Something blue...


Check out this article over at Be U Weddings about "Something Blue" bridal inspirations! 
It's a fun article with pictures and inspiration drawn from Pinterest photos. 
Best part? 
One of my necklaces was featured! 
(Scroll to the bottom)

Nailed it.


Here's one of my favorite colors from Essie:
Turquoise and Caicos
I love to do it just as a french manicure.
Sort of retro, right?

Photos from the Hunger Games shoot


Here are those pictures from the photo shoot that I promised! 
For more detail focused pictures follow this link!

Wedding Planner - Naturally Yours Events \ Photographer - Anthony Barlich Photography \ Bridal Gown, black - Mignonette Bridal \ Bridal Gown, red - Lovey by Isha \ Florist - Pistil and Vine \ Pastries - The Bleeding Heart Bakery \ Cakes - Lutz Cafe \ Cheese Wheel Cake - Marion Street Cheese Market \ Platters - Dinner Party Shop\ Stationery - Julie Hanan Design \ Painting - Reenie Rose \ Makeup Artist - Makeup Your Beauty \ Hair Stylist - Debbie Petrielli \ Jewelry – Available at Mignonette Bridal \ Mensware – Humble Collective, available at Mignonette Bridal \ Models – Jamie Henderson of Lily’s Talent Agency and Eli Kurtz \ Pallet tables - The Home Depot \ Venue – Forest Preserve



So, that first shoot I couldn't tell you about? Well, it got published on a wedding blog today..finally! So, now I can give all the fabulous details. It was a Hunger Games inspired wedding photo shoot and it was gorgeous. Check out the blog post & I will put up more pictures that I loved tomorrow!

Spring Down the Aisle event at Mignonette!

Come visit me this weekend!

Trash the dress


I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter yesterday. Just thought I'd share some more shots from this past weekend. We had a crazy, awesome Trash the Dress session at the Festival of Colors in Naperville. It is an Indian tradition where you throw colored flour at everyone and all over the place. The crowd got reaaallly excited to get our bride & groom all messy. Someone even smacked our male model on the butt! Haha- craziness.

Sneak peek from last weekend's shoot!


Here is a quick look at that crazy, fun photo shoot I was telling you about!

Shane Welch Photography

Super cool, right?