Classic updo


Here is a pretty, classic updo on my friend, Sam (pre-new bangs).
She has some fun layers around her face that we, of course, had to leave down.
Those combined with the pretty curls pinned up in back, and as her boyfriend said "awoooga, awoooga!"



Here is my adorable friend Sam again. 
She wanted those short, retro, choppy bangs, and she got 'em!
Can she pull them off or what? Love it, love her, ok bye!

Faux bob


Here is a faux bob I threw together on the lovely, Emily.
Such a fun way to shorten your hair with out the shears. 
How gorgeous does she look?

What I'm loving lately


I love it! It's so pretty and is a fun, soft pop of color to any outfit.
Whenever spring rolls around we see these lovely colors come out and this
year it's trending big time. Give it a shot--whether it be a skirt, your nails, or hair chalk;
add some of this loveliness to your wardrobe asap!


Happy Birthday, Josie!


Today is my precious little baby sister's 17th birthday.
Isn't she the cutest?

Well, George- I hope you have the best birthday yet!
Love you!!

Retro redo: Bardot


Brigitte Bardot is probably one of my all time favorite hair icons. 
She rocked the poof well before Snooki & she made it look gooood.
And those bangs? Ugh- I love them so much. If I didn't have a widow's peak I could probably pull them off.
I'm a big fan of volume & I think these hair styles are just plain gorgeous and sort of bed-head sexy.
I'm already brainstorming places I'll be wearing my hair like this...definitely at my friend's wedding in April.

I decided to go with her basic signature looks: half up, a bouffant & all the way down.
There are a lot of pictures so here. we. go.

Nailed it.


My nail appointment couldn't come fast enough. 
Since it's crazy warm out my nails are growing faster, and my God I absolutely needed a fill.
(Fun fact about the summer: it's when your hair & nails grow fastest).
Today's "Nailed it" isn't anything special, but it's one of my favorite pink polishes:
super light but just enough to make your nails look nice and appropriate for any situation or outfit.
Essie: Sugar Daddy

Giuseppe: before & after

G gets bathed plenty but his haircuts aren't as regular.
Border Terriers are supposed to be stripped on a regular basis,
which is basically the plucking out of their hair.
Seems weird right?
Yeah, I never do it. It takes too long & I feel like it's gotta hurt.
I mean, it obviously doesn't if you're supposed to do it..but whatever.
And I like when he gets shaggy and looks all cute.
Right now it's a little out of control.
So, G went to The Dog Barber today and came out a new dog.

Super handsome, right?

Diagonal french twist


Here is a fun option that is super quick & easy to do.
My friend Amanda here is rocking this off center diagonal french twist of sorts.
And she wears it well indeed.

I worked with her natural curl by refining & shaping, while adding a few of my own.
So cute & she definitely looks like a super babe.

Beauty on a budget


The look for today is a smudged out cat eye & pinkish nude lip.
I did this makeup for my next Retro redo and I love it!
It's a little bit dramatic & totally gorgeous;
definitely rocking this look again soon!

Concealer: Covergirl/Olay, Simply Ageless
Blush: Maybelline, Dream Mousse; Soft Plum 
Lips: Nyx, Sugar Pie & Wet n' Wild, 902C
Mascara: Maybelline, The Colossal Volum' Express
Eyeliner: Rimmel, Special Eyes; black
Eyeshadow: Victoria Jackson, Simply There eye & lip palette; matte black

What I'm loving lately


colored skinny jeans
For years I have been obsessed with this look.
A giant pop of color that makes your outfit look fun & different.
One day I'll probably have a pair in every color--but for now I'll just continue
envying all these fabulous outfits & color combos. Love, love, love!


Retro redo fail


So, I was in the middle of doing another "Retro redo" & I basically failed.
It turned out more Jessica Rabbit than anything else.
But it's still a retro curl that I've worn many times that looks pretty & classic.
So, not a total fail.

Asymmetrical updo


Here's my beautiful friend, Molly, rocking a braided-to-one-side
asymmetrical updo. She thinks her hair isn't full enough, but
I think she looks quite lovely. What do you think?

Messy maiden braids


Since the weather has been crazy warm this week, and instead of wearing yet another ponytail or messy bun
I'm once again rocking a version of maiden braids. This time all up, messy, and sort of romantic looking.
This is such a cute way to throw all your hair up, but still have something out of the norm going on.
I started wearing this hairdo around this time last year, and let me tell you my dad is not a fan.
He basically thinks I look like Alexa from 50 First Dates. Not cool, Dad...not cool.

Mignonette mention


Check out this article on Mignonette (the bridal shop some of my necklaces are sold through in Lakeview).
Amanda Megan Miller Photography blogged about her & took some awesome pictures of the shop.
You can also take a looksie at some of my necklaces in the photos. Oh, & how cute is Kpoene'?

Fishtail maiden braids

Here's a remix on last week's & this week's "loving lately."
I added the braids on with a kinda teased, messy pony;
but I think if this was bouffant-esque it would sort of rock, too.

This weather is cray!


A few short weeks ago the weather was like this on my way to work:

Now it's 68 degrees and looking like this:

What the?! Ok, bye I'm going outside to enjoy this weather now.

What I'm loving lately


maiden braids
or milkmaid braids as some like to call them.
Whichever you like & in honor of one of the styles from the shoot--
I just had to post this look for my "loving lately"..because well, I do.
Give them a try- they are so fun & are a really quick, easy way to throw up your hair!


Photo shoot day two


Here are a couple quick shots from today's shoot! It was a lot of fun
and I met so many cool people. I can't wait to see the final pictures!
Carlene (the amazing event planner) even let me keep the gorgeous flowers that were used.
Um, awesome! I got a sneak peek at some of the pictures from Starved Rock & the photographer Anthony does not disappoint. He's incredible. As soon as I get my hands on the finished pictures I'll be sure to post them!

Big photo shoot this weekend!


I am super excited about this--
I'm working with Mignonette & Naturally Yours Events this weekend!

Today they headed out to Starved Rock for a really awesome scenic shoot.
Tomorrow we will be finishing it up with part two which includes all the pretty details that would go in to a wedding. I'll be sure to post plenty of pictures. Here's a sneak peak at the dress, hair, & jewelry!
(When we get the official pictures I'll finally spill the beans on the theme & post them for you all to see!)

She's pretty little- but she's not that little..I'm wearing heels & she's shoe-less.

Life lately according to my phone


1. Two random sleepy heads at Denny's at 3 am
2. Katie eating a sucker from my purse
3. Best fwends
4. rocking the ballerina bun at work
5. Jake ridin' dirty in his new car from me & Kate
6. tootsies
7. me & Kate
8. Shadywood Ln
9. pre-retro redo fail

Beauty on a budget


This week's look is a light pink lip 
and your basic cat eye. Lovely! 

Concealer: Covergirl/Olay, Simply Ageless
Blush: Maybelline, Dream Mousse; Soft Plum
Lips: Nyx, Istanbul
Mascara: Maybelline, The Colossal Volum' Express
Eyeliner: Jordana, FabuLiner; black
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay, Virgin & Buck
(as forementioned, I did use somewhat pricier eye shadow in this week's look; $17 a pod)

Nailed it.


What's black & white and red all over?
This week's nails look a bit inspired by the wicked witch of the East. Whatevaaa.

Retro redo: Lucyyy, I'm home!


I love all things vintage. Then when we start talking about hair & makeup..forget about it!
So, I've decided to recreate some of the classics (sometimes with a modern twist). 
And since I'm rocking this red hair lately, who better to start out with than the lovely Lucille Ball.

Shout out to my sister Kate for suggesting I do this series!

What I'm loving lately


Fishtail braids 
They are a fun way to give your hairstyle an extra edge. 
You can wear it with casual wear, or even dressed up all fancy like. 
And they are much easier to do than people think. So cute!

All over color

My friend Maggie came over today for a nice dark chocolate all over color. 
Here she is looking fabulous with this nice fresh color. Doesn't it look so rich & shiny? Love, love!

Twisted braids


Here's a cute twist on a braided 'do. Take three braids, twist them up in to buns, & voilà!

Healthy salad options

If you're like me, salad is your go-to pick most of the time. At restaurants I find that 
there aren't very many varieties at that portion of the menu (most of the time). 
So, here are a few delicious looking options to make at home!

St. Patrick's Day ideas


Here are some super cute ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
(besides overindulging in too much green beer)
I think I'll probably try out most of this stuff..but I'll probably do Giuseppe
the favor of not dyeing him green. But it's tempting...verrry tempting.

Top knot


Here's a little braided top knot I tried out. You could tug at it to make it a little more full, but I decided I really wanted that knot look; so I left it pretty tight & not quite perfect. A cute little switch on the classic bun!

Beauty on a budget


The look for today is a steel eye, nude lip. 
The eye gradually blends out from a dark charcoal to a light shimmery silver. 
I wanted to concentrate the darker color to the lid so it wasn't quite a smokey eye.
A fun, smoldering eye for a fun night out or a special occasion! 
Unless you're Kris Kardashian..she rocks the dark eye all. the. time.

Concealer: Covergirl/Olay, Simply Ageless
Blush: Covergirl, Cheekers; natural rose
Lips: Wet n' Wild, 902C
Mascara: Maybelline, The Colossal Volum' Express
Eyeliner: Jordana, FabuLiner; black
Eyeshadow: Wet n' Wild, Petal Pusher palette; #1, shimmery white color
                           Wet n' Wild, Spoiled Brat palette; # 1, shimmery silver color & #2 sparkly black color