The studio


My dad made this awesome little set up for me in the garage; we now refer to it as "the studio." If you knew what our garage actually looked like, this would probably be funnier to you. Here's a little looksie in to the studio, and what it's like when I'm working. And yes, my dad is a permanent fixture.

Here's my dad sitting at the sewing table. He recently rigged that industrial Singer sewing machine to go at a lovely, slow--I like to say more reasonable pace. It's awesome. For the two of us (meaning my Dad and I..because yes he is the best seamstress in the house) it was an amazing development in the studio. And an excellent way to avoid industrial accidents. So, thanks again, Dad.

Here is a better picture of our sewing machine. How awesome is that? I think I'd rather sew on that vintage 1940's machine than a brand new one. Then again, I've never used a new one. And I really don't even know what I'm doing on the old one that well yet. To the right is a picture of three of our saddles stacked and lonesome in the corner, waiting for us to get new horses. Le sigh.

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