Makeup lessons


Totally rocking that red/orange lip!
My sister's best friend, Katie, came over last night because she was sick of wearing the same old eyeshadow. She wanted a little advice in terms of what colors were right for her eyes, skin tone & the whole shebang. Since she has green eyes you're going to want to figure out what colors best accent green. This is part of basic color theory. So, if you really want your eyes to stand out, you'll go directly across your eye color in the color wheel. Green is across from red and purple hues, which translates to plums, mauves, lavenders, pinks--and then you can always use the colors every eye looks good with in the brown family: beige, tan, taupe, and bronze. If you want to play it safe, stick with those earthy tones. And if you're too nervous to choose a bold color because you think you might look like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show, then just try a colored eyeliner for a little extra kick. For Katie we settled on something she could wear to work; a neutral eye and a bold orange/red lip. If she was going out after work one night she could easily darken her eyeliner on her top lid, smudge it, and then throw some liner on her waterline.

And there you have it--not as complicated as it might seem!

My friend Sam got her makeup done just for kicks, too-- one look was a little cooler & one was a little warmer.
Love that bright pink lip, don't you?

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