Pinterest Recipe Party


Ashley doing some last minute touches.                  Our not so fancy layout.                    Drinking beer while cooking was
                                                                                                                                             absolutely one of the steps in the recipe.

My friends and I have developed a new reason to get together, eat good food, and drink. Like everyone and their mother we are all obsessed with Pinterest. Because it's awesome. So we decided to all choose a recipe we found through the website, cook it up, and serve it to some of the people we love best; whilst consuming ice cold delicious beer. Last night was our second go at it and all of the food was fabulous. I'm always looking for yummy, healthy meals so I decided to do "Cauliflower Crust Pizza" (thanks to my sister Kate after my first choice fell through). Basically, the cauliflower replaces that doughy goodness that's in good old fashioned pizza. And it actually was pretty delicious. I've got to perfect the crust for next time, but I would totally make it again. Ashley brought the most scrumptious fruit salsa with cinnamon sugar pita chips combo and also eggplant/tomato/parmesean stacked hors d'oeuvres. And Molly brought yummy bruschetta--and you can never go wrong with that.

Ashley's lovely dishes.              Mol's also lovely dish.
My favorite beers lately: Bell's Oberon & Amber Ale. My pizza pre-baked.

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